Fox Movies Premium

FOX Movies Premium
Launched 1 January 2012
Owned by Fox Networks Group
(owned by 21st Century Fox)
Picture format 576i (SDTV 4:3)
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan Catch The Awesomeness
Country  Hong Kong
Broadcast area Hong Kong
Papua New Guinea
Headquarters Hong Kong
Formerly called Star Movies
(1994-2011, except Taiwan, Philippines, India, China, Vietnam, Middle East & North Africa)
Sister channel(s) Star Chinese Movies
Star World
Fox Crime
FX Asia
Fox Asia
Fox Sports Asia
Channel V
Channel M
National Geographic Channel Asia
Fox Action Movies
Fox Family Movies
Website Official Facebook page
5 Network
Channel 14
Channel 413 (SD)
Channel 433 (HD)
Channel 231 (HD)
Sky Pacific
Channel 23
Channel 100 (HD)
Channel 16 (SD)
Channel 406 (HD)
Sky Net
Channel 20 (SD)
Channel 14 (SD)
Channel 30 (HD)
Channel 108 (HD)
Channel 06
Channel 150
Channel 105 (HD)
G Sat
Channel 47 (HD)
StarHub TV
Channel 622 (SD)
Channel 623 (Fox Movies Play)
Channel 662 (HD)
Channel 231 (HD)
First Media
Channel 39 (HD)
Macau CATV
Channel 40
Jogja Medianet
Channel 4
Channel 170 (HD)
Channel 300 (HD)
Destiny Cable
Channel 170 (HD Digital)
Kigjack Cable TV
Channel 84 (SD)
Channel 120 (HD)
Channel 500 (SD)
Channel 800 (HD)
Macau Cable TV (Macau) Channel 132
now TV
(Hong Kong)
Channel 117 (SD/HD)
Singtel TV
Channel 414 (HD)
Channel 409 (Fox Movies Play)
Streaming media
M2V Mobile TV
Channel 0019

FOX Movies Premium is an Asian movie channel owned by Fox Networks Group, subsidiaries of 21st Century Fox.

On January 1, 2012, Star Movies was rebranded to FOX Movies Premium and available in Hong Kong and selected Southeast Asian countries. In India, China, Vietnam, Middle East and North Africa, Taiwan and the Philippines, the Star Movies brand will remain.


Fox Movies Premium and Fox Movies Premium HD has first-run contracts for movies distributed by 20th Century Fox, Disney, Columbia Pictures, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and DreamWorks and sub-run contracts for movies from Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros. for countries where FOX Movies Premium and FOX Movies Premium HD is available. It also features movies from other movie distributors including: Lions Gate Entertainment, Summit Entertainment and The Weinstein Company. It is another Hollywood movie channel whose main competitor is HBO Asia. Some of its design is based on the movie Tron: Legacy (the first movie aired on FOX Movies Premium) since the countdown to rebranding and has different station idents based on type and genre of the movie.

In addition to Hollywood movies, it also airs original series and miniseries, live events (such as the Academy Awards and selected UFC pay-per-views), live events, concerts, and award-winning documentaries.

It is available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines (Except for UFC Events), Fiji, and Thailand.

Operating channels

Fox Movies Premium

Fox Movies Premium was formerly known as Star Movies Asia is transmitted in Southeast Asia. It is the only advertisement free version of Star Movies and, unlike other versions of Star Movies, this version also spends minimal time promoting its own upcoming movies. The channel does not air promotions of movies classified as unsuitable for people aged under eighteen until 8pm SEAT and 9pm for Malaysia.

Fox Movies Play

Fox Movies Play was formerly known as Star Movies On Demand and is the Video On Demand version of Fox Movies Premium available exclusively in Singapore on the Digital Cable Television Platform StarHub TV and IPTV Television Singtel TV.

Fox Movies Premium HD

On January 1, 2012, Star Movies HD was rebranded as Fox Movies Premium HD in selected Asian territories where Star Movies has been renamed to Fox Movies Premium.


The following is a list of programs that had been shown on Fox Movies Premium from past and present.

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