Industry Technology
Founded London, UK (2007)
Founder Wil Harris
Justin Gayner
Headquarters London, UK
Key people
Wil Harris (Co-Founder, Managing Director)
Justin Gayner (Co-Founder, Creative Director)
Owner Shine Group
Number of employees

ChannelFlip is a London-based Multi Channel Network which works with both traditional and online celebrities to create brand friendly content.[2]

Shows and talent

ChannelFlip works with UK-based comedic TV and online talent.[3]



In January 2012 Shine Group, a News Corporation subsidiary, announced that it had acquired ChannelFlip.[13][14]

The Multiverse

In late 2012, ChannelFlip launched The Multiverse, a YouTube Channel that focused on "geek flavoured entertainment."[15] The channel was created as a result of YouTube's original content partner scheme.[15] Since then, videos uploaded to The Multiverse have included notable YouTubers including Ashens, Jack and Dean and Chris Kendall. The science fiction webshow Chronicles of Syntax is exclusively available on The Multiverse.[16] As of the summer of 2014, the Multiverse ceased uploading videos to the channel.[17] due to having their funding (from YouTube) abruptly stopped.[18]


Fronted by Jonti Picking HuHa is a YouTube Channel that is focused on "animation".

YouTube Comedy Week

Channel Flip produced YouTube Comedy Week in the UK.[19] Comedy week was an event that ran from May 20–25, and brought "the best of UK and US talent together on YouTube."[20]


Particular successes of Channel Flip include The Proxy, a short film sponsored by Dell and featuring YouTube star Ashens.

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