Phoenix North America Chinese Channel

Phoenix North America Chinese Channel
Launched January 1, 2001
Owned by Phoenix Television
Country  Hong Kong
Broadcast area North America
Sister channel(s) Phoenix Television
Phoenix InfoNews Channel
Bell TV (Canada) Channel 710
DirecTV (USA) Channel 2050
Dish Network (USA) Channel 9919
Rogers Cable (Canada) Channel 825
Shaw Cable (Canada) Channel 518
Comcast (USA) Channel 322
Bell Fibe TV (Canada) Channel 710
Novus Entertainment (Canada) Channel 341
Optik TV (Canada) Channel 2868
Kylin TV (USA) Channel 151
FiOS TV (USA) Channel 2872
Phoenix North America Chinese Channel
Traditional Chinese 鳳凰衛視美洲台
Simplified Chinese 凤凰卫视美洲台
Hanyu Pinyin Fènghuáng Wèishì Měizhōu Tái

Phoenix North America Chinese Channel is one of the six channels that Phoenix Television operates. It was launched on 1 January 2001 in order to serve Chinese viewers in North America, and it is the first Chinese language channel that is available across the continent. This channel now broadcasts on both EchoStar and DirectTV satellite systems and shares a similar programming with Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Channel. Some of its in-house programmes include "Phoenix North America News" and "Experience America" .

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