TV 2 (Denmark)

Type Broadcast television network
Country Denmark
Availability National, subscription only
Owner The Danish state
Key people
Merete Eldrup, CEO
Launch date
1 October 1988 (television broadcast)

TV 2 is a publicly owned subscription television station in Denmark based in Odense. The station began broadcasting on 1 October 1988, thereby ending the television monopoly previously exercised by the Danmarks Radio (DR).


TV 2 DANMARK A/S is the company behind Denmark's most-watched channel, TV 2, and behind the country's most-watched channel family.

TV 2 DANMARK A/S is owned by the Danish state and the public service channel TV 2 is operated on a commercial basis. Until 2004, TV 2's main channel received a smaller share of the license fees. Since 2012, the main channel TV 2 has been partially funded by subscription.

TV 2 aired on October 1, 1988, and less than three years later TV 2 had become the largest TV channel in Denmark. TV 2's range of programs includes news, documentaries and lifestyle, entertainment, sports, Danish fiction, current affairs, films, morning television and children's television.

TV 2 is the channel that broadcasts the most hours of Danish TV and has most first releases - and TV 2 is the main channel that broadcasts most news hours.

Additionally, TV 2 DANMARK operates the TV channels TV 2 NEWS, TV 2 ZULU, TV 2 CHARLIE, TV 2 FRI and TV 2 SPORT, the digital channel TV 2 BUSINESS and the on-demand service TV 2 PLAY.

TV 2 DANMARK A/S has approximately 1,050 employees located in Odense and Copenhagen.


From 1 November 2009 all Danish television broadcasting became digital with DVB-T and MPEG4 standard. At the time, TV 2 did not encrypt their main channel, but TV 2 ZULU, TV 2 CHARLIE, TV 2 FRI, TV 2 NEWS and TV 2 SPORT are subscription only channels.

Although TV 2 has been broadcast terrestrially in the clear ever since the channel was launched, from 11 January 2012, it started to encrypt its main channel with a monthly subscription charge of 12.50 Danish Kroner required to be paid, along with the purchase or rental of a decoder[1]

In southernmost Sweden and northernmost Germany (where a Danish minority lives), this means significant difficulties for their viewers in Germany and Sweden, as subscribers need a Danish postal address for ordering a decoder card.

TV 2 Regions

TV 2 Region Area Served
TV Syd Southern Jutland including Southern Schleswig
TV 2/Fyn Funen
TV 2/Øst Western Zealand
TV 2/Nord Northern Jutland, Greenland and Faroe Islands
TV 2/Lorry North Zealand and Copenhagen
TV/Midt-Vest Central and Western Jutland
TV 2/Østjylland Eastern Jutland
TV 2/Bornholm Bornholm


On weekdays, TV 2 starts with Go'morgen Danmark (Literally: Good Morning Denmark), Denmark's only breakfast talkshow on national TV.

At 11:00 they hand over to the regions who broadcast to 12:30 (with an interruption for national news). That is followed by TV 2's afternoon programming that mostly consists of American drama series and sitcoms. The regional stations also broadcast bulletins in the afternoon and evening, as well as a longer newscast at 19:30.

TV 2's main national newscasts are shown at 19:00 and 22:00 but bulletins in the morning (first newscast at 7:00), at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 and 18:00 have been added over the years.

Most shows not produced in Denmark are shown in their original language with Danish subtitling, however animated series aimed at children are shown dubbed into Danish.


Historically TV 2 was funded by television license fees and advertising sales. However, although the regional channels are still partly funded this way, funding by television license for the main channel ended in July 2004.

This form of double financing, along with a large injection of capital (to cover a deficit of 1 billion DKK (€134 million)) from the Danish State, is currently under investigation by the EU; accusations being that the dual funding has constituted illegal state aid.

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