American Public Media

Not to be confused with American Public Television.
American Public Media
Abbreviation APM
Headquarters St. Paul, Minnesota
United States
Parent organization
American Public Media Group
Website American Public Media

American Public Media (APM) is the second largest producer of public radio programs in the United States after NPR. Its non-profit parent, American Public Media Group, also owns and operates radio stations in Minnesota and California. Its station brands include Minnesota Public Radio and Southern California Public Radio. Until July 2015, APM also operated Classical South Florida, which was sold to Educational Media Foundation, a California-based religious broadcasting company that airs contemporary Christian music.[1][2]

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, APM is best known for the distribution of Garrison Keillor's popular weekend program A Prairie Home Companion, and Krista Tippett's Peabody Award–winning program On Being.[3] It also produces the national financial news program Marketplace.[4][5]

Historical ties to Public Radio International

Formerly, much of American Public Media's programming content was distributed by Public Radio International, which itself was named "American Public Radio", or APR, until July 1, 1994. APR was formed by four stations, the Minnesota Public Radio network, WGBH in Boston, WNYC in New York, and KUSC in Los Angeles, to distribute A Prairie Home Companion. PRI owns and produces numerous programs today, but still also distributes diverse programming from many sources. In contrast, APM, which was founded in 2004, predominantly distributes content that it owns and produces itself; exceptions include The Story with Dick Gordon (which ended production in October 2013), the distribution to US stations of the BBC World Service, and the BBC Proms broadcasts from Royal Albert Hall in London.


APM distributes more than 20 programs, such as these:[6]

Several specials are also distributed by APM on a less frequent basis, including a number of Christmas programs and the BBC Proms.


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