Kazakhstan Radio and Television Corporation

Kazakhstan Radio and Television Corporation
Statutory corporation
Industry Mass media
Founded 8 March 1958 (1958-03-08)
Headquarters Kazmediacenter, Astana
Area served
Key people
Nurzhan Zhalaukyzy Muhamedzhanova [1]
Products Broadcasting, radio, web portals
Website kaztrk.kz

Kazakhstan Radio and Television Corporation is one of the largest media companies in Kazakhstan.[2] It runs three TV channels: Kazakhstan, KAZsport, Balapan; and four radio stations: Kazakh radiosy, Shalkar, Astana, and Classic. There are also 15 regional TV channels that are part of the corporation.[3][4]


The first radio station in Kazakhstan, was Kazakh radiosy, created in 1922. The first TV channel started broadcasting in 1958. These two and several other channels and radio stations later become parts of Kazakhstan Radio and Television Corporation.[5]

Kazakhstan Radio and Television Corporation is owned by the state of Kazakhstan. The broadcasts of the TV and radio stations within the corporation are available to 98.63% of the population, as well as to the residents of neighboring countries. (Russia, Mongolian, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan)



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Kazakhstan is the first national TV channel in Kazakhstan. The first broadcast were made in 1958.[6] Today Kazakhstan is the largest media resource of the country, with broadcasts available for 98.63% of the population and neighboring countries.

From 1 September 2011, Kazakhstan broadcast exclusively in the Kazakh language. From 2012, broadcasts are available in HD.[6]


Children's TV channel, Balapan, began broadcasting on 27 September 2010. It is the first children's television channel in Kazakhstan.[7]

Broadcasts are available in HD on cable networks and also online via the official website of Balapan channel.[8]


KAZsport is the first sports channel in Kazakhstan. It has greatly improved the availability of sports broadcasts for Kazakhstani audiences. It was officially launched on 1 July 2013.[9]

Kazakh radiosy

On 29 September 1921, the Soviet government decided to establish state broadcasting in Kazakhstan.[5] In October 1921, broadcasts began from Orenburg (Kazakhstan's capital at that time).

On 23 March 1927, Kazakh language was aired on radio for the first time.

Today, Kazakh Radiosy is the largest broadcasting network of the country. Broadcasts are available in Kazakh, Russian, German, Korean, Uyghur, Azerbaijani, Turkish, and Tatar languages.[5]

Radio Shalkar

Radio Shalkar is a structural unit of Kazakh Radio, which broadcasts only in Kazakh. Broadcasting time is 18 hours per day.[10]

Radio Astana

Radio Astana is an information-musical radio station. The station began broadcasting on 19 January 1999, on 101.4 FM.[11]

Radio Classic

Radio Classic is the first classical music radio station in Kazakhstan. It is a joint media project of the corporation and the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory. The station started broadcasting on 102.8 FM, on 6 June 2011.[12]


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