Latvijas Radio

Latvijas Radio
Type Public service broadcasting
and radio network
Country Latvia
Availability National
Owner Government of Latvia
Key people
Jānis Siksnis, Director General
Inese Matjušonoka, Armins Ronis, Gunda Vaivode, Ilona Madesova D.o. Programmes
Launch date
1 November 1925
Official website

Latvijas Radio (Radio Latvia; abbreviated as LR) is a public service broadcasting network of Latvia. The organisation was founded 1 November 1925, and is headquartered in the Latvian capital of Riga. As of 2002, Latvijas Radio broadcasts six different stations on FM and the internet: Latvijas Radio 1, Latvijas Radio 2, Latvijas Radio 3 - Klasika, Latvijas Radio 4, from March 31, 2014 - Latvijas Radio 5 - and Latvijas Radio 6 - Radio NABA.

Latvijas Radio is a cultural institution of Latvia — with radio drama, a radio choir and children's vocal groups. The phonographic archives contains approximately 200,000 recordings. Latvijas Radio became a member of the European Broadcasting Union on 1 January 1993.[1]

It collaborates with Latvian Television as part of the Public broadcasting of Latvia brand.

Latvijas Radio (Radio Riga) broadcast programs in Swedish from 1960 to 1995.

Radio Stations

Latvijas Radio 1

Slogan: "Latvijas radio 1 - Always first" (Latvian: Latvijas Radio 1 - vienmēr pirmais)

Latvijas Radio 1 (abbreviated as LR1) is national radio station of Latvia. The station broadcasts Latvian, there are news, talk, current affairs programmes and analysis of economics, politics of Latvia and culture, radio programmes for children. The first broadcast was on the first of November, 1925.

Latvijas Radio 2

Slogan: "Songs in Native Language" (Latvian: Dziesmas dzimtajā valodā)

Latvijas Radio 2 (abbreviated as LR2) broadcasts Latvian. The broadcast station of Latvian pop music originally planned as station at youth.

Latvijas Radio 3 — Klasika

Slogan: "Style Changes - Classic Stays" (Latvian: Mode mainās - klasika paliek)

Latvijas Radio 3 - Klasika (shortened as LR3) is only one of all Latvia's broadcasting stations what plays classical music and jazz. The Latvijas Radio included in The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) what means - there are concerts and live broadcasts from world concerts.

Latvijas Radio 4

Slogan: "Your Space, Your Time" (Latvian: Jūsu telpa, Jūsu laiks)

Latvijas Radio 4 (abbreviated as LR4) broadcasting in minority languages, mostly in Russian. It has many minority programmes.

Latvijas Radio 5 —

Latvijas Radio 5 - is the latest radio station from Latvijas Radio group. The station plays music for youth.

Latvijas Radio 6 - Radio NABA

Latvijas Radio 6 - Radio NABA is radio station of University of Latvia, for youth.

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