Entreprise nationale de Radiodiffusion sonore

The Entreprise nationale de radiodiffusion sonore (ENRS, the National Sound Broadcasting Company, Algerian Radio, or Radio Algérienne; in Arabic: المؤسسة العمومية للبث الإذاعي) is Algeria's state-owned[1] public radio broadcasting organization.[2]

Formed in 1986 when the previous Algerian Radio and Television company (established in 1962) was split into four enterprises,[3] it produces three national radio channels: Chaîne 1 in Arabic, Chaîne 2 in Berber, and Chaîne 3 in French. There are also two thematic radios (Radio Culture and Radio Coran), one international station (Radio Algérie Internationale), and 46 local stations (Radio El Bahia, Radio Soummam, etc.).

The ENRS is a member of the European Broadcasting Union.[4]

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