WGBH Educational Foundation

The WGBH Educational Foundation (est. 1951) of Boston, Massachusetts is a nonprofit organization that oversees the WGBH stations in Boston (WGBH-TV, WGBX-TV and WGBH (FM)), WGBY-TV in Springfield, and other productions.[1] It won a Peabody Award in 2007 for Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial[2] and Design Squad.[3]

Jonathan C. Abbott is President and CEO of the foundation.[4] His predecessor, Henry P. Becton, Jr. was president from 1984 to 2007.[5] WGBH is online at wgbh.org. The WGBH alumni website is here.


WGBH reported a total revenue of $190,500,789 for the tax year ending June 30, 2015, in their last IRS Form 990 Income Tax Statement filing.[6]

WGBH Educational Foundation

Financial Information

Calendar Year Total Revenue
2014[6] $190,500,789
2013 [7] $195,429,649
2012 [8] $144,090,672
2011 [9] $145,723,999
2010 [10] $187,306,594
2009 [10] $141,381,933

Board of Trustees

Richard M. Burnes, Jr. of Charles River Ventures is the chair of the board as of 2014, replacing Amos Hostetter, Jr, who left the board. Henry P. Becton, Jr., former WGBH President, and Maureen L. Ruettgers, the wife of former EMC Corporation CEO Michael Ruettgers, are vice chairs. Jonathan C. Abbott, as WGBH president, is also on the board. William N. Thorndike, Jr., managing partner of the Housatonic Partners private equity firm, is on the board of trustees as the chair of the WGBH board of overseers.

The presidents of four regional universities are institutional trustees: Joseph E. Aoun of Northeastern University, Jackie Jenkins-Scott of Wheelock College, Frederick M. Lawrence of Brandeis University, and L. Rafael Reif of MIT.

The remaining board members are:

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