List of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episodes

The following is a list of all The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episodes.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
Pilot 2 September 7, 1998 December 21, 2001
1 19 July 20, 2002 September 19, 2003
2 21 August 1, 2003 July 9, 2004
3 21 November 11, 2004 November 25, 2006


Pilot: 1998–2001

Title Original air date
"Runaway Rocketboy!"September 7, 1998 (1998-09-07)
Jimmy (voiced by Debi Derryberry) runs away after his parents ground him for launching Carl (voiced by Rob Paulsen) off the roof, but soon discovers King Goobot and his henchman, Ooblar, trying to take over the world. While Hugh and Judy Neutron are talking about Jimmy returning home, Jimmy thwarts their plot, and returns home. The episode ends with Carl coming into the house and asking if he can use their toilet.
"Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius"December 21, 2001 (2001-12-21)
Jimmy tells the simple story of a 10-year-old boy and his robot dog - battling evil, rescuing his parents, saving the Earth - and returning home in time for dinner. Jimmy's always inventing gadgets to make his life in Retroville more interesting. A boy genius with real kid emotions, Jimmy sometimes fantasizes about life on his own. But when the parents of Jimmy's hometown are kidnapped by invading aliens, he quickly discovers that things aren't so great when they're gone.

Season 1: 2002–2003

Unlike Season 2 or 3, Season 1 of Jimmy Neutron takes a more comical approach to the show, with little development of Jimmy and Cindy's relationship.

Prod. No. Title Directed By Written By Summary Original Air Date
1 "When Pants Attack" Keith Alcorn Gordon Bressack & Charles M. Howell (story)
Steven Banks (teleplay)
Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, and Cindy are attacked by their own pairs of pants resulting from a new invention gone awry, eventually setting off a chain reaction for all of the other pants in town. July 20, 2002
2 "Normal Boy/Birth of A Salesman" Keith Alcorn Jed Spingarn/Steven Banks Normal Boy: Jimmy wants to be a normal boy because his classmates are making fun of how smart he is. However, his brain-draining invention glitches and instead causes him to become unintelligent and goofy, just when a meteor is about to strike Earth. Jimmy's friends must work together to help him return to his genius self before the meteor hits Earth.

Birth of A Salesman: Jimmy invents a salesman robot to win in a fundraiser contest against Cindy.

September 6, 2002
3 "Brobot/The Big Pinch" Keith Alcorn Evan Gore & Heather Lombard/Jed Spingarn Brobot: When his friends are too busy to help test his new pogo stick, Jimmy invents a little brother robot who soon becomes annoying.

The Big Pinch: Wanting to prove Cindy wrong, Jimmy brings Thomas Edison to the present, but is unable to take him back when Edison falls for Ms. Fowl.

September 13, 2002
4 "Granny Baby/Time Is Money" Keith Alcorn Andrew Nicholls & Darrell Vickers/Steve Oedekerk Granny Baby: When Granny Neutron visits while his folks are away, Jimmy accidentally turns her into a baby and must look after her while simultaneously working on an antidote.

Time Is Money: The Neutrons become rich after Jimmy goes back in time to convince his dad to invest in McSpanky's burger joint.
Absent: Cindy, Libby

September 20, 2002
5 "Raise The Oozy Scab/I Dream of Jimmy" Mike Gasaway/Keith Alcorn Jed Spingarn/Andrew Nicholls & Darrell Vickers Raise The Oozy Scab: Jimmy, Carl, Cindy and Sheen go underwater in a submarine to look for treasure, only to find out it wasn't what they expected.

I Dream of Jimmy: Carl is having a problem with his nightmares, so he convinces Jimmy to help him. However, Carl accidentally gets Jimmy stuck in his next dream and Jimmy has to find his way out.

September 27, 2002
6 "Jimmy On Ice/Battle of The Bands" Keith Alcorn & Mike Gasaway/Keith Alcorn Gene Grillo/Spencer Green Jimmy On Ice: Jimmy freezes Retroville on a hot day, sending the town into a second Ice Age. Later, he has to find a way to melt the large amounts of snow and ice.

Battle of The Bands: Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl form a rock band so they can beat Cindy and Libby in the school talent show, but their friendship is nearly destroyed.

October 4, 2002
7 "See Jimmy Run/Trading Faces" Keith Alcorn/Mike Gasaway Butch Hartman & Steve Marmel/Andrew Nicholls & Darrell Vickers See Jimmy Run: Wanted to beat Cindy in a running race at their elementary school, Jimmy gains super speed with his new shoes, but the side effect is that he can't stop running. He tries to figure out a way to get his shoes off of him.

Trading Faces: Jimmy and Cindy switch minds (and voices) and need their friends to set them back in their correct bodies.

October 14, 2002
8 "The Phantom of Retroland/My Son, The Hamster" Keith Alcorn/Mike Gasaway Andrew Nicholls & Darrell Vickers/Gene Grillo The Phantom of Retroland: Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen go to investigate a supposed "phantom" in Retroland, which turns out to be real.

My Son, The Hamster: Jimmy accidentally switches bodies with Carl's hamster.

October 30, 2002
9 "Hall Monster/Hypno Birthday To You" Mike Gasaway/Keith Alcorn Steven Banks/Darwin Vickers Hall Monster: Jimmy becomes hall monitor, but takes it too far when he arrests his friends.

Hypno Birthday To You: Jimmy hypnotizes his parents into thinking that it is his birthday every day, but soon grows bored of it.

November 1, 2002
10 "Krunch Time/Substitute Creature" Keith Alcorn/Mike Gasaway Evan Gore & Heather Lombard/Darwin Vickers Krunch Time: Jimmy invents a candy everyone becomes addicted to, and the other citizens become enraged when he refuses to give them more of it.

Substitute Creature: Jimmy accidentally turns Mrs. Fowl into a 50-foot tall, Godzilla-like creature, whom everyone is scared of.

November 15, 2002
11 "Safety First/Crime Sheen Investigation" Mike Gasaway/Keith Alcorn Andrew Nicholls & Darrell Vickers Safety First: Jimmy creates two Nanobots designed to fend off bullies, but they end up wreaking havoc.

Crime Sheen Investigation: Jimmy investigates the disappearance of Sheen's lost Ultra Lord action figure and uses science to solve it.
Absent: Libby

November 30, 2002
12 "Journey To The Center of Carl/Aaughh!! Wilderness!!" Keith Alcorn/Mike Gasaway Steven Banks/Gene Grillo Journey To The Center of Carl: Jimmy invents a sick patch that is guaranteed to get the wearer out of having to attend school. It, unfortunately, ends up making everyone sick, so Jimmy and Sheen go travel inside of Carl's body to fight his germs and create a vaccine.

Aaughh!! Wilderness!!: Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen are camping with Hugh, but end up in trouble with a bear.
Absent: Cindy, Libby

January 31, 2003
13 "Party At Neutron's/Ultra Sheen" Keith Alcorn Steven Banks/Gene Grillo Party At Neutron's: Jimmy throws a party without his parents' permission, which he must end quickly before they return.

Ultra Sheen: Using Jimmy's newest invention, Sheen travels inside his favorite video game to meet his hero, Ultra Lord, but when he ends up on a challenging level, Jimmy and Carl manage to save him.
Absent: Cindy, Libby

February 17, 2003
14 "Broadcast Blues / Professor Calamitous, I Presume" Mike Gasaway Gene Grillo/Steven Banks Broadcast Blues: Jimmy creates his own science TV show, which Cindy and Libby's dance show competes with.

Professor Calamitous, I Presume: Jimmy's rival, Professor Calamitous, tries to take over Retroville.

March 14, 2003
15-16 "The Egg-Pire Strikes Back" Mike Gasaway Jed Spingarn Jimmy's worst enemies, the Yolkians from Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, come back and pretends to be nice, but Jimmy suspects something about the Yolkian's evil plan leading the town to turn against him and attend a Yolkian party. At the same time, the Yolkians trick Cindy into helping them in their evil plan and Cindy, upon realizing that it is her fault when the Yolkians manage to resurrect Poultra, reforms herself by convincing the town to work with Jimmy to defeat the Yolkians. April 25, 2003
17 "Maximum Hugh/Sleepless In Retroville" Keith Alcorn John Crane Maximum Hugh: Jimmy invents a sweatband to help his dad perform better at the parent-child games, but he and his dad are disqualified for cheating.

Sleepless In Retroville: Jimmy invents a new sleep-over machine when Carl and Sheen come over for the night. Things take a scary twist, however, when Carl accidentally creates a pizza monster from tampering with the machine, and the three are end up being chased, but are able to stop him with light. The pizza monster then wakes up and discovers that the whole event was a nightmare while he was sleeping.
Absent: Cindy, Libby

May 17, 2003
18 "Make Room For Daddy-O" Keith Alcorn Steven Banks Jimmy makes Hugh more "cool", while dealing with some major flaws. June 6, 2003
19 "Beach Party Mummy" Keith Alcorn Steven Banks Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Libby and Cindy travel to Egypt to find the ruins of the tomb of Queen Howsaboutaslapya, only to discover she's actually Libby's ancestor.
Absent: Goddard, Hugh, Judy
September 19, 2003[1]

Season 2: 2003–2004

In contrast to season one, 22-minute episodes became the norm for season two. It took a mature and slightly more serious approach to the show.

Prod. No. Title Directed By Written By Summary Original Air Date
20 "A Beautiful Mine" Mike Gasaway Gene Grillo Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Libby and Cindy search for rare jewels on an asteroid, but become extremely greedy very soon after. Things get worse when aliens on the same asteroid plan to vaporize them. August 1, 2003
21 "Sorry, Wrong Era" Keith Alcorn Gene Grillo Jimmy has invented a Time Replay Remote, which he uses as part of a prank pulled on Cindy and Libby. However, Hugh sees the invention and, in borrowing it to see how it works very well, accidentally sends Jimmy, Sheen and Carl back 200 million years. Now, the boys must work to avoid the prehistoric dinosaurs and get back to the present. Meanwhile, Hugh begins going forward and reverse in time with the Remote, being completely unaware of where the boys are. September 5, 2003
22 "The Retroville 9/Grumpy Young Men" Keith Alcorn Steven Banks/Andrew Nicholls & Darrell Vickers The Retroville 9: Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby create an excellent baseball team with Jimmy's improved baseball equipment.

Grumpy Young Men: Jimmy, Carl and Sheen turn themselves into old men in order to buy an M-rated video game. But, they have to get back to their school ages before they turn to dust at 6:03.

October 3, 2003
23-24 "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" Mike Gasaway Steven Banks In a salute to spy films like the James Bond series, Jimmy teams up with his idol, actor and spy Jet Fusion, to save the world yet again from Professor Calamitious. October 13, 2003
25 "Nightmare In Retroville" Mike Gasaway Steven Banks Jimmy and his friends dress up as monsters on Halloween. October 29, 2003
26 "Monster Hunt/Jimmy For President" Mike Gasaway Gene Grillo/Steven Banks Monster Hunt: A rumor spreads that a lake monster is terrorizing Retroville, but Jimmy thinks otherwise (this episode was also a Jaws parody).

Jimmy For President: Jimmy runs for class president against Libby, Sheen and foreign exchange student Bolby, and Carl ends up being forced by each of them to vote for them.

November 11, 2003
27 "Return of The Nanobots" Mike Gasaway Gene Grillo The Nanobots escape from Jimmy's lab and wreak havoc by deleting the citizens of Retroville. November 14, 2003
28 "Holly Jolly Jimmy" Mike Gasaway Gene Grillo After Jimmy accidentally knocks out "non-existent" Santa Claus while he says that Santa Claus doesn't exist, he goes out to deliver all of the presents. December 8, 2003
29 "Love Potion 976/J" Keith Alcorn Gene Grillo Jimmy creates a love potion for his friends that makes them fall in love with the first person they see: Jimmy falls for Cindy, Sheen for Libby, and Carl for Judy. February 14, 2004
30 "Sheen's Brain" Mike Gasaway Jed Spingarn After Sheen fails a history test, Jimmy increases Sheen's brain to be larger and smarter. However, Sheen soon becomes evil and mad with power with his new supreme mental abilities, and proclaims himself king. Jimmy and Carl must stop Sheen from taking over Retroville, and the entire planet, by convincing him to drain his brain back to normal. March 8, 2004
31 "Maternotron Knows Best/Send In The Clones" Keith Alcorn Andrew Nicholls & Darrell Vickers/Steven Banks Maternotron Knows Best: Feeling unappreciated around the house, Judy takes a week off at a spa, with Jimmy inventing a replacement robo-mother. Things go awry when the robo-mother goes out of control, but Judy manages to save her son.

Send In The Clones: Jimmy makes clones of himself in order to avoid his chores, but one sinister and mischievous clone ruins everything after the other clones ruin everything. The real Jimmy takes the blame and the citizens of Retroville, including Carl and Sheen, become upset with him.
Absent: Libby

March 9, 2004
32 "The Great Egg Heist/The Feud" Mike Gasaway Gene Grillo The Great Egg Heist: Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby search for a precious egg, which is needed to save a princess from her evil relative, in a museum.

The Feud: Carl and Jimmy are forbidden to see one another as their parents are fighting against each other.
Absent: Cindy, Libby

March 10, 2004
33 "Out, Darn Spotlight" Mike Gasaway Steven Banks Jimmy joins his school play to spend more time with his crush, Betty Quinlan. However, he only makes the special effects and Nick is assigned the lead role. When Nick hurts himself skateboarding, Jimmy rushes to save the play.
Absent: Goddard
March 11, 2004
34 "The Junkman Cometh" Mike Gasaway Steven Banks Jimmy attempts to rescue Brobot and his parents from the Junkman's ship.
Absent: Cindy, Libby, Hugh, Judy
March 12, 2004
35 "Foul Bull/The Science Fair Affair" Keith Alcorn & Kirby Atkins Andrew Nicholls & Darrell Vickers/John P. McCann Foul Bull: Miss Fowl takes her students on a trip to a rodeo.

The Science Fair Affair: Jimmy is so mad that he is banned from the school science fair.
Absent: Judy, Goddard

March 26, 2004
36 "Men At Work" Mike Gasaway Andrew Nicholls & Darrell Vickers Jimmy's newest invention requires pure gold, but their gold for the invention got destroyed. So the gang decides to get jobs at the fast food diner, McSpanky's burger joint. May 26, 2004
37 "The Mighty Wheezers/Billion Dollar Boy" Keith Alcorn & Kirby Atkins Gene Grillo The Mighty Wheezers: Jimmy's parents are on vacation for the week and Jimmy is left with Carl's family. Jimmy, thinking the Wheezer family is too nerdy, gives them super powers.

Billion Dollar Boy: Jimmy meets Eustace Strytch, another boy genius who is a rich showoff as he and Jimmy begin an invention competition.

June 7, 2004
38-39-40 "Win, Lose And Kaboom!" Or "You Bet Your Life Form" Mike Gasaway Jed Spingarn, Steven Banks & Gene Grillo After the town of Retroville receives a space rock with a message on it, Jimmy is determined to decode the message. After he figures out the message, which is sort of a riddle, Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Libby, Goddard, and Bolbi compete in an intergalactic game show, hosted by Meldar Prime (voiced by Tim Allen) in order to stop the creators from destroying Earth. July 9, 2004

Season 3: 2004–2006

Different screenshots from newer episodes and sound effects are added to the theme song, with the exception of the episodes "Lights, Camera, Danger", "Fundemonium", "Stranded", "Jimmy Goes To College", and "Who's Your Mommy?/Clash of The Cousins" replacing the original theme song from the first two seasons.

Prod. No. Title Directed By Written By Summary Original Air Date
41-42 "Attack of The Twonkies" Keith Alcorn Jed Spingarn Jimmy visits a comet, and while harvesting dust from the comet's surface accidentally brings a small fluffy alien life-form back to Earth. Carl brings the alien, which he calls a "Twonkie", to class, and it produces multiple offspring. Everyone finds the Twonkies irresistibly adorable and adopts one. However, when the Twonkies hear music they morph into grotesque and vicious monsters. Jimmy and the citizens of Retroville must stop and capture the dangerous rampaging Twonkies and send them back to their comet before it leaves Earth's orbit.
Note: This one-hour episode has a special theme in the beginning.
November 11, 2004
43 "The N-Men" Mike Gasaway Gene Grillo While returning from a space voyage, Jimmy and his friends get zapped by the Van Pattern Radiation Belt and gain superpowers. Cindy gains super-strength, Sheen gains super-speed, Libby gains invisibility, Carl can produce super-burps. But Jimmy simply turns orange and seems to lack powers entirely, resulting in his friends and the townspeople mocking him. However, later, when Jimmy loses control of his temper due to Cindy's relentless insults, he turns into an orange hulk-like monster and begins rampaging through Retroville. The rest of the gang must figure how to reverse his monstrous transformation. November 27, 2004
44 "Lights! Camera! Danger!" Keith Alcorn Steven Banks Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, and Libby join a movie cast with a demanding director named Quentin Smitee (Professor Calamitous in disguise and a parody of Quentin Tarantino) who is secretly planning to kill them, and when Hugh is hired as "Donut Boy", he simply doesn't get the point that he won't be in the film. Films parodied in the episode include The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Chicago (with the musical number "Save the Day," a parody of "All That Jazz"), The Matrix and the Harry Potter franchise. November 27, 2004
45 "Fundemonium" Mike Gasaway Tom Sheppard After losing his job, in order to stay in Retroville, Hugh makes a fortune creating a brand of children's toys that Jimmy secretly modifies in his lab before his father presents the prototypes to the toy company. But the Nanobots trick Jimmy's father into releasing them and using them as batteries for one of his toys. Once inside the toy, the Nanobots plot to destroy Retroville.
Absent: Cindy, Libby
May 25, 2005
46 "Stranded" Keith Alcorn Jed Spingarn After an argument between Jimmy and Cindy about the equator, the gang travels in Jimmy's hover car over there. Jimmy and Cindy fall out of the hover car and into the ocean while arguing and become stranded on a deserted island. Sheen, Carl, and Libby try to disable the autopilot and find their friends somewhere in the ocean.
Absent: Hugh, Judy, Goddard
May 26, 2005
47 "Jimmy Goes To College" Mike Gasaway Gene Grillo Jimmy's grades are so great that he is allowed to skip regular school and go directly to college, but when one of the students becomes jealous of Jimmy, he tries to embarrass him. May 27, 2005
48 "The Tomorrow Boys" Keith Alcorn Christopher Painter After traveling into the future, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen find out Libby can be the future dictator of the world and now they must save Libby in the present.
Absent: Hugh, Judy
June 17, 2005
49-50 "The League of Villains" Mike Gasaway Steven Banks King Goobot returns once more, and recruits every villain Jimmy's ever defeated to be part of his new army to get revenge on him. June 18, 2005[2]
51 "Who's Your Mommy?/Clash of The Cousins" Mike Gasaway Christopher Painter/Gene Grillo Who's Your Mommy?: Carl gets infected by a "face-hugging" parasite, and becomes pregnant with an alien baby.

Clash of The Cousins: Jimmy and his parents go to the Neutron's little family reunion to see Hugh's family. Apparently, someone is trying to destroy the family and Jimmy is blamed for destroying the stuff at the reunion. As it turns out, Baby Eddie is the one trying to ruin the reunion and Jimmy must prove his innocence to save the reunion with the help of his uncle and Hugh's twin-brother, Gomer.
Absent: Cindy, Libby

June 20, 2005
52 "My Big Fat Spy Wedding" Mike Gasaway Steven Banks Jimmy tries to prevent Jet Fusion from marrying a criminal, Beautiful Gorgeous.
Absent: Hugh, Judy
July 22, 2005
53 "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen" Mike Gasaway Jed Spingarn Libby is captured by ninjas and Sheen must learn kung fu to save her.
Absent: Hugh, Judy
November 18, 2005
54 "The Incredible Shrinking Town" Keith Alcorn Steven Banks Jimmy shrinks the whole town of Retroville. January 23, 2006
55 "One of Us/Vanishing Act" Keith Alcorn Steven Banks/Christopher Painter One of Us: A children's show has hypnotizing powers and turns the town of Retroville against Jimmy.

Vanishing Act: Jimmy spends time with a magician.
Absent: Hugh, Judy

January 24, 2006
56 "The Trouble With Clones" Mike Gasaway Gene Grillo Jimmy tracks down his evil clone once again and attempts to turn him good, but the clone has other ideas. Evil Jimmy creates a dark matter chip, producing a corrupted clone of Earth; the real Earth and everyone living on it are at risk fading into oblivion. Jimmy must stop his evil clone's plan before it is too late. January 25, 2006
57 "The Evil Beneath/Carl Wheezer: Boy Genius" Keith Alcorn Tom Sheppard/Steven Banks The Evil Beneath: Jimmy travels to the Bahama Quadrangle (a parody of the Bermuda Triangle) to solve the mysterious disappearances surrounding it.

Carl Wheezer: Boy Genius: Carl wants to impress a girl by pretending to be a genius, and making Jimmy seem unintelligent in comparison to him.
Absent: Goddard, Cindy, Libby, Hugh, Judy

January 26, 2006
58 "Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?/Flippy" Keith Alcorn Steven Banks/Jed Spingarn Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?: Jimmy is framed for a crime he didn't commit and goes to jail.

Flippy: Worried that his father can embarrass him at school, Jimmy installs a chip in Hugh's ventriloquist dummy that makes him tell good jokes. But when Flippy the dummy begins to malevolently possess Hugh and drain his brain, Jimmy must save his father and change Flippy back to normal.
Absent: Goddard

January 27, 2006
59 "How To Sink A Sub/Lady Sings The News" Keith Alcorn Gene Grillo/Jed Spingarn How To Sink A Sub: After Jimmy sends the teachers of his school away for one week, the parents of Retroville fill in as the parents act bizarre.

Lady Sings The News: The kids start a news show and Libby gets carried away with her gossip segment revealing Jimmy and Cindy dating and at the end, Jimmy kisses Cindy.
Note: This is the final appearances of Jimmy, Goddard, Hugh, Judy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, and Libby, although Sheen would reappear in Planet Sheen.
Absent: Goddard.

November 17, 2006[3]
60 "King of Mars" Mike Gasaway Gene Grillo Eustace returns and plans to take over Mars, but Eustace redeems himself and joins forces with Jimmy and his friends.
Absent: Hugh, Judy
November 25, 2006
61 "El Magnifico/Best In Show" Keith Alcorn Christopher Painter/Steven Banks El Magnifico: Jimmy turns Sheen's dad into a superhero.

Best In Show: Goddard runs away from home after losing a pet show and Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen try to find Goddard and Goddard eventually wins the pet show.
Absent: Hugh, Judy

November 25, 2006

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Specials: 2004–2006

Prod. no. Title Summary Original air date
01 "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour" Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner end in each other's worlds and must work together with the other's group of friends to return things back to normal. May 7, 2004
02 "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide!" Jimmy and Timmy fight over Cindy, while also attempting to save Dimmsdale from the Anti-Fairies and Retroville from Professor Calamitous. For the first time, Jimmy's friends end up in Dimmsdale instead of just Jimmy, and Timmy's fairies end up in Retroville instead of just Timmy. January 16, 2006
03 "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators" Jimmy and Timmy join forces to save both of their universes from getting destroyed by an evil monster of their own creation, which almost leads to losing their friends.
Note: This is the final part of The Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour trilogy.
July 21, 2006


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