Noah Knows Best

Noah Knows Best
Genre Comedy
Created by Ken Lipman
Starring Phillip Van Dyke
Rachel Roth
Richard Kline
Willie Green
Marcia Strassman
Stacy Meadows
Cori Yarckin
Dempsey Pappion
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13 (5 unaired)
Executive producer(s) Ken Lipman
Location(s) Universal Studios Orlando, Florida
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Nickelodeon
Original release October 7, 2000 – January 6, 2001

Noah Knows Best is an American sitcom television series that aired on Nickelodeon. The show premiered on October 7, 2000 and was canceled with five unaired episodes out of thirteen produced, due to low ratings. The show starred Phillip Van Dyke as the title character, Noah. The show was recorded at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida and was the last sitcom of its kind to be taped there as the concept was too outdated by its time of premiering. It was one of the last shows to premiere on Nickelodeon's Saturday Night block, SNICK.


Season 1: 2000–2001

-13 episodes

  1. The Tickets
  2. The Computer
  3. Noah Knows Politics
  4. Door to Door
  5. Three's Company
  6. Pink Slip-Up
  7. Slices of Life
  8. Lost Night
  9. The Final Insult
  10. Slam Book
  11. Noah's Art
  12. Clipped in the Wings
  13. The Tutor

Broadcast history

The show only lasted for a few months on Nickelodeon, from October 2000 to January 2001. Many argue that this is because Noah Knows Best was based on the same show formula as Clarissa Explains it All which premiered back in 1991. The poor ratings resulted in the quick cancellation of the show. The show hasn't been broadcast on Nickelodeon or any of its sister networks since. There is no news if it'll return on The Splat block on TeenNick.


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