Hunan Broadcasting System

This article is about Chinese Radio and Television Network. For the main channel, see Hunan Television.
Hunan Broadcasting System
Satellite television
Industry Media and Entertainment
Founded January 1, 1970
Headquarters Changsha, Hunan and Xining, Qinghai, China
Area served
China and abroad
Key people
Ouyang Changlin, Zhang Huali
Owner Government of Hunan

Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS) (simplified Chinese: 湖南广播电视台; traditional Chinese: 湖南廣播電視台; pinyin: Húnán Guǎngbò Diànshìtái) formerly known as Golden Eagle Broadcasting System (GBS), is China's second biggest television network after China Central Television (CCTV). The television network is owned by the Hunan provincial government. The network is based in Changsha in Hunan and Xining in Qinghai. On May 20, 2009, the television network expanded its service to Hong Kong and North America.


Hunan Broadcasting System first aired on October 1, 1970 as a local television station in Changsha, Hunan province, China. It expanded its network through nationwide satellite television on January 1, 1997.

Hunan Broadcasting System's nationwide channel Hunan Satellite Television (Hunan TV) created Happy Camp, one of China's first variety show. Happy Camp remained as China's highest-rated TV show, until its ratings were overtaken in 2008 by Jiangsu TV's If You Are the One. Hunan TV is also known for Super Girl, a national singing contest. Hunan TV also aired many highly rated dramas including Palace and Scarlet Heart.

Hunan Broadcasting System took a 49% stake in Qinghai TV in 2009, increasing the number of satellite channels in its roster.

Hunan TV is currently China's second most-watched channel, second only to CCTV-1, owned by China Central Television, although Hunan TV occasionally overtook CCTV-1 in ratings.


Headquarters of Hunan Broadcasting System
Office of Hunan Television World
Office of Hunan eTV
Headquarters of HBS Radio

TV channels

Channel Channel content Format Launch Date
HNTV Satellitemain Standard Chinese channel
Free-to-air in Hunan only)
HDTV&SDTV1 Jan. 1997
Aniworldcartoon channelHDTV&SDTV30 Oct. 2004
HNTV Worldinternational Standard Chinese channelHDTV&SDTV20 May 2009
HNTV Economiceconomic channelHDTV&SDTV1 Jan. 1996
HNTV Dramadrama channelHDTV&SDTV
HNTV Metropolitancity channelHDTV&SDTV
HNTV Moviemovie channelHDTV&SDTV
HNTV Publicpublic information channelHDTV&SDTV
Golden Eagle Documentarydocumentary channelHDTV&SDTV
HNTV Showentertainment channelHDTV&SDTV
Channel Ffashion channelHDTV&SDTV

Online TV:

Radio Frequencies (Provincial broadcasts only):

Other assets:


Hunan Broadcasting System has broadcast notable programming such as Super Girl, often referred to as the Chinese version of the United Kingdom's Pop Idol.[1] As of 2008, it is airing the Chinese version of Strictly Come Dancing, a co-production with TVB.

Hunan TV

Qinghai TV


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Hunan TV

Hunan eTV

Qinghai TV

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