China Education Television

Not to be confused with China Entertainment Television.
China Education Television
Television network and
Cable television
Industry Television Broadcasting
Founded October 1, 1986
Headquarters Beijing, China
Products Television content, Television programming
Parent Administrative parent: Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China
Service Management: State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television

China Education Television (ETV) (simplified Chinese: 中国教育电视台; traditional Chinese: 中國教育電視台; pinyin: Zhōngguó Jiàoyù Diànshìtái) is an educational TV station in the People's Republic of China. Its first broadcast was on October 1, 1986. Its function is to provide Chinese people with educational programs, similar to PBS in US or NHK Educational TV in Japan.

Free Channels

China ETV-1 (broadcast across China)
CETV Channel 1 was officially broadcast since 1986 and was orientated as a comprehensive education channel focusing on China education and human resource development. It is the only satellite channel which enjoys the same policy support as with CCTV-1, and is also the only satellite channel which covers more than 2,000 colleges and universities, more than 400,000 primary and secondary schools through ChinaSat 9, ChinaSat 6B and Apstar 6 transmission. Above 92% users have joined cable TV and about 971 million people are covered. CETV mainly publicizes the communist party and national education policies in form of educational culture programs, public service programs, and campus fashion programs. It has built an educational program ‘growing up line’ to help teenagers grow up healthily and establish socialist core values.

China ETV-2 (broadcast across China)
CETV Channel 2 covers satellite TV channels in the whole nation as well as Southeast Asia region and mainly broadcasts the further education courses of China Central Radio & TV University, in order to provide a learning platform for China Central Radio & TV University students and to service China’s ‘Adult Education’ and ‘Vocational Education’. The courses consist of a wide range of subjects covering literature and laws, finance and economics, science and engineering, agriculture and medicine, etc.

China ETV-3 (broadcast only in Beijing)
CETV Channel 3, a humanistic education channel broadcast in Beijing and is the pioneer documentary channel in China. Its audience rating ranks top 20 among more than 70 Beijing landing channels. Channel 3 shows caring about people’s real lives in the form of documentaries and in view of humanity and have broadcast numerous high quality ‘Humanity’, ‘Science and Technology’, and ‘Educational’ documentaries. This channel possesses abundant humanity, history and natural resources, especially the resources in Beijing’s Science, Education, Culture and Health Care areas. By gathering the best program resources and big campaign resources, Channel has great attraction and ratings.

China ETV-4 (broadcast across China)
CETV Channel 4,formerly Air-classroom Channel, a welfare satellite channel covering the whole nation, focused on primary and secondary schools, teachers and parents and provides high quality intellectual mainstream value documentaries. Since 2003, Air Class Channel played an important role in resumption of school classes in events like ‘SARS’, ‘Wenchuan Earthquake’, ‘Yushu Earthquake’. On December 11, 2008, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television gave an official reply to approve the air class by CETV. The Air Class Channel was revised in January 1, 2012 by combining the documentaries and textbooks. Documentary becomes the after-class reading materials and part of courses, which is a very good way for teenagers to acquire knowledge and know about the world, its history and it future. It is very popular among primary and secondary schools students, teachers, parents, and all sectors of society.

Pay Channel

China ETV- Early Education Channel
The ‘Early Education Channel’ officially started broadcasting in 2005 and is the only national channel for early child education. Mainly for 0-12 year-olds, but also covering pre-natal education for mothers, to provide healthy growth consulting and education services to maximize the integration of existing resources at home and abroad, providing the essential "early education", for the majority of infants, young children and their parents to providing professional information services. The channel maintains programing across more than 150 of the majority cities in China, through China’s first digital TV transmission platform and digital pay channels. Early Education Channel has been well received by audiences since its initial broadcast, receiving the reward of ‘Top 10 channel’ from CCTV for 4 years.

Internet Television

China ETV - China Education Network Television
China Education Network Television, approved by the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio (formerly SARFT) to use broadband Internet, mobile communication networks and other emerging technologies as the medium to promote the delivery of cultural and educational messages, guide online public opinion and deliver to citizens, especially young masses, a rich cultural life. It is the only professional national education online channel, to provide users with content aggregation, live, on demand, upload, share, learn, trade and is the only international channel available to foreigners to learn Chinese language and culture.


The network was founded on October 1, 1986. [1]

On June 24, 2015,the station changed its logo on all of its channels.


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