Type of business Private
Type of site
Video sharing
Available in Simplified Chinese
Founded 2009[1]
Headquarters Beijing, China[2]
Key people Zhang Dou[1]
Industry Web 2.0
Services Social network service, MV
Slogan(s) "Watch good music"
Website www.yinyuetai.com
Alexa rank Negative increase 259 (May 2012)[2]
Registration Optional
(required to upload)
Current status Active

YinYueTai (simplified Chinese: 音悦Tai; traditional Chinese: 音悅Tai; pinyin: Yīn yuè tái), is one of the major music video sharing sites in China.


The website started when the founder could not easily find the music video which he was looking for, or when he found it on some site that had too many ads. Currently YinYueTai has no ads, and unlike YouTube where you can find multiple copies of the same music video, YinYueTai only keeps one copy of each music video on site for easy search.

YinYueTai has copyright agreements with Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, Rock Records, B'in Music, AVEX, S.M. Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and others home and abroad, including MBC, KBS and other overseas television networks.

YinYueTai V-Chart

Starting in July 2011, the site began to have a monthly music video chart in five different categories based on the artist's region (Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe and United States, Korea, and Japan), and in November the site began to have a weekly chart.

Top music videos

As end of May, 2012, M.I.C's "Get It Hot" has been on the weekly chart for 29 weeks under the Mainland China category, Leehom Wang's "Still In Love with You" is 26 weeks under the Hong Kong and Taiwan category, Avril Lavigne's "Wish You Were Here" is 29 weeks under the Europe and United States category, f(x)'s "Hot Summer" is 23 weeks in under the Korea category, and Hey! Say! JUMP's "SUPER DELICATE" is 14 weeks under the Japan category.

South Korean girl group T-ara became the first artist to have two music videos with over 100 million views on YinTueTai, with "No. 9" (133 million) and "Sugar Free" (122.8 million).[3]

Top 15 most viewed music videos on YinTueTai[3]
Rank Title Artist Country Total views (millions) Link
1 "No. 9" T-ara  South Korea 133.3 Official YinTueTai
2 "Sugar Free" T-ara  South Korea 123.07 Official YinTueTai
3 "Gangnam Style" Psy  South Korea 120.3 Official YinTueTai
4 "Lucky Symbol"
(Chinese: 幸运符号)
TFBoys  China 114.7 Official YinTueTai
5 "Miss Granny"
(Chinese: 我们的明天)
Luhan  China 108.75 Official YinTueTai
6 "Growl" (Chinese version) EXO  China
 South Korea
62.3 Official YinTueTai
7 "Manual of Youth"
(Chinese: 青春修炼手册)
TFBoys  China 62.5 Official YinTueTai
8 "Rum Pum Pum Pum" f(x)  South Korea 50.8 Official YinTueTai
9 "I Got a Boy" Girls' Generation  South Korea 49.87 Official YinTueTai
10 "Growl" (Korean version) EXO  China
 South Korea
48.8 Official YinTueTai
11 "Hero" Super Junior  South Korea 48.6 Official YinTueTai
12 "Medals 2.0"
(Chinese: 勋章 2.0版)
Luhan  China 48.22 Official YinTueTai
13 "Crooked" G-Dragon  South Korea 48.08 Official YinYueTai
14 "Time Boils the Rain"
(Chinese: 时间煮雨)
Kris Wu  China 47.8 Official YinYueTai
15 "Mine" Kim Jae-joong  South Korea 45.88 Official YinYueTai
Last updated: June 25, 2016

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