Shenzhen Media Group

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Shenzhen Media Group
Type Broadcast
Country China
Official website
Shenzhen Media Group
Simplified Chinese 深圳广播电影电视集团
Headquarters of Shenzhen Media Group

Shenzhen Media Group (Chinese: 深圳广播电影电视集团; pinyin: Shēnzhèn Guǎngbō Diànyǐng Diànshì Jítuán) is a media company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. It owns twelve TV channels and four radio stations which broadcast Chinese music, report news and Chinese talk shows.

Channels and stations

Television channels

As of 2016, The list of all channels and radio stations of Shenzhen Media Group are as follows:

SZMG TV Channels
Name Description
Shenzhen Satellite TV 深圳卫视 National News and Finance
City Channel 深圳都市频道 City News and entertainment
Drama Channel 深圳电视剧频道 TV dramas
Finance Channel 深圳财经生活频道 Worldwide and national wide Finance
Entertainment Channel 深圳娱乐频道 Entertainments
Sports Channel 深圳体育健康频道 Sports news and lives.
Teenager Channel 深圳少儿频道 Cartoons and shows for kids.
Public Channel 深圳公共频道 Broadcast in Mandarin
Mobile TV Channel 深圳移动电视频道 Subways, buses and outdoor LED screens
DV Life Channel 深圳DV生活频道 Materials and programs are made by local DV users and producers
International Channel 深圳国际频道 The List in Asia; Cable TV Hong Kong Channel 26, ATV Channel 17, HKBN BBTV Channel 701, TVB Network Vision Channel 86 and now TV Channel 852, Malaysia ABNxcess Channel 315; Worldwide political news
Yihe Shopping Channel 深圳宜和购物频道 Provide TV shopping programs.
Bao'an Channel 深圳宝安频道 The former Bao'an TV news channel, only broadcast in Bao'an District
Longhua Channel 深圳龙华频道 The former Bao'an TV drama channel and Western Channel, only broadcast in Longhua New District
Longgang Channel 深圳龙岗频道 The former Longgang TV news channel, only broadcast in Longgang District
Eastern Channel 深圳东部频道 The former Longgang TV drama channel, only broadcast in Longgang District
Law Channel 深圳法治频道 TV channel based on the rule of law

Radio stations

Shenzhen Radio Station
Broadcast area Shenzhen, China
Frequency Internet, AM, and FM
First air date 1984
Format various
Owner Shenzhen Media Group
Shenzhen Radio Stations
Frequency Description
89.8 FM 深圳电台新闻频率 News Radio
90.5 FM 深圳电台西部频率 Western Radio
94.2 FM 深圳电台生活频率 Life Radio
97.1/102.0 FM 深圳电台音乐频率 Music Radio
99.1 FM 龙岗电台 Longgang Radio
104.3 FM 深圳电台前海之声 Voice of Qianhai
106.2 FM 深圳电台交通频率 Traffic Radio

South African holdings

In May 2009 South African fixed-line telephone operator Telkom said it had sold its majority stake in start-up broadcaster Telkom Media to the Shenzhen Group. The parties had been in negotiations since at least March 2008.[1]


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