Hooked on You

For the Jennifer Lopez song, see Hooked On You (song).
Hooked on You

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Directed by Law Wing-Cheong
Produced by Johnnie To
Written by Fung Chi Chiang
Starring Miriam Yeung
Eason Chan
Music by Dennie Wong
Cinematography O-Sing Pui
Edited by Law Wing-Cheong
Media Asia Films
Beijing Silver Dream
China Film Media Asia
Milkyway Image
Distributed by Media Asia Distribution Ltd.
Release dates
  • 29 June 2007 (2007-06-29)
Running time
97 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese/English
Luen Wo Market was temporarily turned into "Fortune Market" for the purpose of the film

Hooked on You (traditional Chinese: 每當變幻時; simplified Chinese: 每当变幻时; Cantonese Yale: Múih dōng bin waahn sìh; pinyin: Měi dāng biàn huàn shí) is a 2007 Hong Kong comedy-drama film directed and edited by Law Wing-Cheong and produced by Johnnie To and his production company Milkyway Image. Featuring an ensemble cast, the film stars Miriam Yeung as a fishmonger who strives to fulfill her lifelong dreams before she turns 30.


Miu, a fishmonger at the Prosperity Market. Because of her father’s debt she gives herself three years to work at the Wet market. She promises herself that she’s going to leave the wet market and find a man worthy of her. At the market she always quarrel with her neighbor stall Mr. Fish (Eason Chan). But when a new supermarket threatens their business at the Prosperity Market they work together to fight against it.


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