Huang Bo

Huang Bo
Background information
Chinese name 黄渤
Pinyin Huáng Bó (Mandarin)
Born (1974-08-26) 26 August 1974
Qingdao, Shandong, China
Occupation Actor, singer
Years active 2000-present
Spouse(s) Xiao Ou (2007-present)

Huang Bo (Chinese: 黄渤; pinyin: Huáng Bó; born August 26, 1974) is a Chinese actor. He was born in Qingdao, Shandong and graduated from Beijing Film Academy.[1]

Early life

Huang Bo was born in Qingdao, in 1974. His parents both worked in the government. Before Huang became an actor, he used to be a bar singer, dance instructor, film dubber, factory owner, and had many other work experiences. During the time of being a bar singer, he even had his own band, which was called "Blue Sand Wind".[2] In 2000, his friend Gao Hu introduced him to director Guan Hu by chance, which began Huang's acting career.[3]


In 2000, Huang Bo wanted to study in the Beijing Film Academy, however, he didn’t receive the admission for the first time he applied. In 2002, Huang Bo finally got admitted to the Academy, studying in dubbing. Two years later, Huang Bo graduated from college, and became a professional voice actor.[4] Before Huang Bo's breakout role in the 2006 film Crazy Stone, he had several small roles in different TV series.

In the year of 2006, Huang Bo participated in director Ning Hao’s latest film Crazy Stone, which garnered him much exposure.[5] In 2007, Huang won his first major award, for Best Supporting Actor at the 7th annual Chinese Film Media Awards . Moreover, his performance in the film Cow won him the Best Actor award at the 46th Golden Horse Awards, and he received 2 more awards for that film.

Huang Bo was considered as one of the top actors in China in 2010.[6] During the two years between 2010 and 2011, Huang Bo performed in 5 films, and also started his music career.[7] In 2012, Huang Bo hosted the 49th Golden Horse Awards,[8] and his latest film Lost in Thailand became the top-grossing domestic film at the Chinese box-office.[9]

Personal life

The nickname of Huang Bo's wife is Xiao Ou, and they married in 2007. Huang Bo's daughter was born in July, 2011.[10]


Year Title Role Notes
2006 Crazy Stone Heipi The 7th Chinese Film Media Awards for Best Supporting Actor
The Jimmy Hat
Big Movie Zhiqiang Pan
2007 Hooked on You Porky
2008 Kung Fu Dunk
Fit Lover Male angel
2009 Gao Xing
Tie ren Zhao Yilin
Radish Warrior Luo
Silver Medalist Geng Hao
Cow Niu Er The 46th Golden Horse Awards for Best Actor
Nominated—Hundred Flowers Award for Best Supporting Actor
2010 Just Another Pandora's Box Zhou Yu
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen Inspector Huang Hao Long
2011 The Pretending Lovers Chen
The Story of David David
2012 Black & White Episode I: The Dawn of Assault Da-fu Xu
Crazy Dinner Party
Guns and Roses Agent
Design of Death Niu Jie Shi
Lost in Thailand Gao Bo
2013 Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons Sun Wukong
Say Yes! Huang Da
The Chef, the Actor, the Scoundrel Pi zi (Scoundrel)
No Man's Land
Police Story 2013
2014 Dearest
Breakup Buddies Geng Hao
Black & White: The Dawn of Justice
I Am a Wolf
2015 Mojin: The Lost Legend Wang Kaixuan
2016 Royal Treasure
Battle of Memories
Year Title Role Notes
2002 Black Hole Tang Wenjun
2005 Labor of the Survival Xue Liu
2007 Huo Zhe, Zhen Hao
Dead End Heaven Hu Anzhi
2008 Professor Tian Family's 28 Relatives
2009 Non-Local Person Ququ
2012 Militia Ge Erdan Ge Erdan
2013 Qingdao Past Events Wang Mancang
Fire Line, Three Brothers Tian Sanlin
2015 Go Fighting! himself Variety show
2016 Go Fighting! himself Variety show


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