Jeffrey Lau

Jeffrey Lau
Chinese name 劉鎮偉 (traditional)
Chinese name 刘镇伟 (simplified)
Pinyin Liú Zhènwěi (Mandarin)
Jyutping Lau4 zan3 wai5 (Cantonese)
Origin Hong Kong
Born August 2, 1952
Hong Kong
Occupation Film director, screenwriter, producer, actor

Jeffrey Lau Chun-Wai (simplified Chinese: 刘镇伟; traditional Chinese: 劉鎮偉; pinyin: Liú Zhènwěi) is a Hong Kong film director, screenwriter, actor and producer. He was born on August 2, 1952. Lau is famous for writing and directing "mo lei tau" (Cantonese nonsense) comedies. His comedies include A Chinese Odyssey (with Stephen Chow) and Chinese Odyssey 2002, the latter which was voted Best 2002 Film by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society.


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