Patrick Yau

Patrick Yau
Chinese name 游達志 (traditional)
Chinese name 游达志 (simplified)
Pinyin Yóu2 Da2 Zhi4 (Mandarin)
Jyutping Yau4 Daat6 Ji3 (Cantonese)
Born (1964-01-01) January 1, 1964
Occupation film director, and assistant director

Patrick Yau Tat-Chi is a Hong Kong film director and assistant director best known for making independent films for Milkyway Image, the production company owned by Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai.


Yau joined TVB when he was 21 and became Johnnie To's assistant director two years later. He became a television producer for TVB in 1991, but left in 1994 to work for To, as an associate director for his fire-fighting film Lifeline. In 1997, Yau made his directorial debut with his first film, The Odd One Dies and continued to direct films produced by Milkyway Image, such as The Longest Nite and Expect the Unexpected. Yau has now returned to his roots, directing television serials for TVB.[1]


Year Film Chinese title Role Notes
1988 Set Me Free! 我要逃亡 Assistant director
1989 The Iron Butterfly 特警90 Assistant director
1990 The Iron Butterfly II 特警90 II 之亡命天涯 Actor
1997 The Odd One Dies 兩個只能活一個 Director
Lifeline 十萬火急 Assistant director
1998 Expect the Unexpected 非常突然 Director
The Longest Nite 暗花 Director
Actor: "Police Officer"
1999 Where a Good Man Goes 再見阿郎 Assistant director
2001 The Loser's Club 廢柴同盟 Director Also known as The Losers' Club
2008 Kung Fu Chef 功夫廚神 Director
2012 3xTrouble 行x踏錯 Director

Awards and nominations

Hong Kong Film Awards
Year Film Result Category
1999 The Longest Nite Nominated Best Director


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