Hui Shiu-hung

Hui Shiu-hung
Chinese name 許紹雄 (traditional)
Chinese name 许绍雄 (simplified)
Born (1948-11-04) 4 November 1948
Hong Kong
Years active 1970 - present
Also known as Benz Hui
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Hui.

Hui Shiu-hung (Yale Cantonese: Héui Siuh Hùhng; born 4 November 1948), also known as Benz Hui, is a Hong Kong actor who currently works for TVB. He previously worked with ATV before switching over to TVB.

Family background

Hui comes from an influential family in Canton. His great-grandfather was a godson of Empress Dowager Cixi and served as an imperial official during the late Qing Dynasty. Hui's great-aunt, Xu Guangping (Cantonese: Hui Kwong-ping), was married to the writer Lu Xun. His granduncle Xu Chongzhi (Cantonese: Hui Chung-chi) was a founder of the Whampoa Military Academy, while his another granduncle Xu Chongqing (Cantonese: Hui Chung-ching) once served as an education minister of Canton. His name "Benz" was inspired by "Mercedes-Benz", as he was the first ATV actor to drive a Mercedes-Benz to work.


Hui became an actor in the 1970s, appearing mainly in supporting roles of various television series. He also joined the presentation of films in 1974. Hui has starred in many notable roles, including the part of Inspector Wong in Running Out of Time in 1999. That year he got the nomination of best supporting actor in the 19th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards.


Year Title Role Notes
1972 Young People music group member
1973 Hong Kong Style
The Kiss of Death Pimp
The Master of Kung Fu Su Nan
1974 The Looks of Hong Kong
A Mad World of Fools
The Fool and His Money
Games Gamblers Play Bully
1975 Pretty Swindler
1977 Bed for Day, Bed for Night
1985 Crazy Games
Working Class Kickboxer's trainer
Seven Angels complaint against Police Officer
It's a Drink! It's a Bomb! Lee's superior at fair aka It's a Drink, It's a Bomb
aka Christmas Romance
1986 Last Song in Paris David
Royal Warriors (In the Line of Duty) Meaty
1987 The Gang Don't Shoot Straight Wai's boss aka The Goofy Gang
1989 Return of the Lucky Stars Hung aka Lucky Stars Triad Society
Life Goes On
Excuse Me, Please! aka Excuse Me Please
1990 Heart Into Hearts Ho
A Bite of Love Duke Lee's servant
Fortune Chasers aka Fortune Chaser
BB 30 Pao
1991 You Bet Your Life Snake aka A Charmed Life
An Eternal Combat Catholic priest
The Perfect Match Sherman/Toothpick
Forbidden Arsenal Hui Sir aka In the Line of Duty VI
aka In the Line of Duty 6
His Fatal Ways Au Yeung Fu aka His Fatal Way
Take Me Milk's First Husband
Today's Hero Tao
1992 Ghost in Me Night Driver
The New Marvelous Double
Heart Against Hearts flashback
Casino Tycoon II Kao Ming
Naked Killer Old Jerk
Basic Impulse Ming's Dad
1993 Legal Innocence Patrick's defense lawyer aka Legal Innocent
aka B. T. R. S.
Kidnap of Wong Chak Fai Siu Lee
1998 Expect the Unexpected Ben
The Pale Sky
Magnificent Team Sgt. Yau
Love in the River Big Mouth Alan
Nightmare Zone Boasting Hsiong
1999 The Doctor in Spite of Himself Law Hon Kuo
Hanky Panky
Running Out of Time Chief Inspector Wong Kai Fai
Victim Detective Yee
2000 Troublesome Night 7 Tat
My Name is Nobody Mr. Chicken
Desirous Express
The Hong Kong Happy Man K.Y. Lau
Needing You... Ronald
Home of a Villain aka Home for a Villain
Help!!! Dr. Leon
Romancing Bullet Tang's superior
Diamond Hill May's father
The Killer of the Lonely Heart Uncle Monk
Bio-Cops Shek
2001 There is a Secret in my Soup Policeman coming down stairs
Wu Yen Emperor of Chu
Clueless Officer Wong
Gangs 2001
Master Q 2001 Superintendent Hugh
Everyday is Valentine Mr. Chan
Electrical Girl Mr. King
Gold Fingers
Final Romance Police Officer aka Wishing Tree
Dummy Mommy, Without a Baby Wu Faye
Let's Sing Along Stephen
Running Out of Time 2 Asst. Comm. Wong Kai-Fa
2002 Fighting to Survive Brother Fat aka Bodyguard of the Neighbourhood
Love Undercover Officer Chung
The Irresistible Piggies Turtle's father
Summer Breeze of Love Louis Choi
If You Care... Polo aka If U Care...
The Lion Roars So Tung-Po
The Mummy, Aged 19 Bobo Luke's dad
Conman 2002 Inspector Chan aka The Conman 2002
Shark Busters Sergeant Benz Hui
Golden Chicken club customer #23
2003 The Final Shot
Love Under the Sun aka Love Under the Sun - World AIDS Campaign
Looking for Mr. Perfect Teddy aka Looking for Mister Perfect
Love Undercover 2: Love Mission Sergeant Chung
Shiver Ming's superior
Turn Left, Turn Right George
Anna in Kung-Fu Land Boss Pak aka Anna & Wulin
2004 Hardrock Affairs
Protege de la Rose Noire Lee Shou-Fu aka Black Rose Academy
Herbal Tea Lier aka Herbal Tea Story
Sex and the Beauties Taipan Shek aka Love & the City
Love on the Rocks Annie's father
Driving Miss Wealthy Police officer
Breaking News Hoi
Heat Team Mr. Fok
Three of a Kind P Leung
Hidden Heroes Toran / Blindfold Bandit
Yesterday Once More Private investigator aka In the Nick of Love
The White Dragon Deer Tail
2005 Crazy N' the City Hung
It Had to Be You! Jacob aka It Had to Be You
A.V. Film Professor aka AV
2 Young Uncle Yiu
All About Love Mr. Leung
2006 McDull, the Alumni Inspector K.C. Wong
My Kung-Fu Sweetheart Lincoln Lam
2 Become 1 Mr. Hui
Love Undercover 3 Sergeant Chung
Rob-B-Hood Prison Officer U.S title: Robin-B-Hood
Fatal Contact Morgue worker
Exiled Sergeant Shan
Mr. 3 Minutes Li Takmi
2007 A Night Surprise Kwong Yan
Pandora's Booth Discipline master
Luxury Fantasy
Super Fans Hui
Gong Tau Fat Wah aka Oriental Black Magic
Single Blog Boss
Simply Actors Officer Lin
Hooked On You Brother Hung
Wonder Women Uncle Nine
Fear Factors Beggar
2008 Love Is......
Fatal Move Tong Lai Yu
Ocean Flame Mr. Luo aka Half Flame, Half Brine
Legendary Assassin Grant Gong
2009 Give Love aka Give and Love
A Very Short Life Herman Lee
Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You Szeto
Happily Ever After
2010 Beauty on Duty
La Comédie humaine Setting Sun
My Sassy Girl 2
2011 I Love Hong Kong
Summer Love
2012 I Love Hong Kong 2012
Mr. and Mrs. Gambler
Meet the In-Laws Su Bohu
The Lion Roars 2
2013 I Love Hong Kong 2013
SDU: Sex Duties Unit
Out of Inferno
2014 From Vegas to Macau
Black Comedy
Delete My Love
2015 12 Golden Ducks
2016 Kidnap Ding Ding Don
Line Walker

TV series

Year Title Role Notes
1979 Passenger Luk Wing Tai
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Chu Bak Keung
1980 The Adventurer's Wong Yat Cheung
1981 The Three Musketeers
The Fate
1982 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Cho Chi Muk
Love with Many Phases
1983 The Legend of the Condor Heroes Chu Cung
The Return of the Condor Heroes Kung Suen Chi
The Man in the Middle aka Sandwiches
1984 The Clones
Love Me, Love Me Not
The Duke of Mount Deer Do Lung
Police Cadet '84 Hui Siu Dung
The New Adventures of Chor Lau-heung Tso Hing-hau
1985 The Battle Among the Clans Wah Biu
The Yang's Saga Siu Tin Yau
The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain Yim Gai
Police Cadet '85 Hui Siu Dung
Happy Spirit
1986 Siblings of Vice and Virtue
The Unyielding Master Lim
Turn Around and Die
New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre Wai Yat Siu
1987 The Grand Canal Syun Dou Si
The Conspiracy
The Legend of the Book and the Sword Ah Fan Tai
Police Cadet '88 Hiu Siu Dung
1988 Behind Silk Curtains
1989 The Final Combat Chin Man Lee aka Final Combat
Family Fortune Hung Jan Yu
The Justice of Life Ma Ging Lei
Yankee Boy Ho Tai Dai
1991 The Breaking Point Ko Tin Luk
Be My Guest Wat Yan Git
Big Family aka The Big Family
1992 Love and Marriage
The Mark Of Triumph
Super Cop Cheung Kan Fu
The Key Man Lok Man
1993 Romance Beyond Ng Bak Tong
The Link Wong Sai Kau
1994 Fate of the Clairvoyant Cheung Syu Yan
Instinct Bau Jan
The Emperor and I Fong Dak
1995 Forty Something Ma Jeun Git
Debts of a Life Time
1996 Crossing Boundaries Jung Ching
The Criminal Investigator II Fong Sai Yin
One Good Turn Deserves Another
In the Name of Love Tin Nga Hung
1997 Deadly Protection
1999 Happy Ever After Hoi Mong
Ultra Protection Lui Chi Dat
Life for Life
Witness to a Prosecution Sung Sing
2000 Time Off Lee Sing
A Matter of Customs
Green Hope
2001 Law Enforcers Chan Chau
2002 Love is Beautiful Ling Tiet
The White Flame Yu Sei Hoi Warehoused and broadcast in 2007
Police Station No. 7 Wong Chi Cheung Warehoused and broadcast in 2004
Golden Faith Kam Wan Hung (Henry)
Lofty Waters Verdant Bow Hiu Fung
Square Pegs Ting Yau Lik
2003 The 'W' Files Sung Kin
Survivor's Law Lok Gin
2004 The Vigilante in the Mask Au Yeung Guai
Hard Fate Tsang Shu-hung
To Love With No Regrets Cheung Hin
To Get Unstuck in Time Ho Tai Ho
Split Second Lam Yau-wai
Hidden Treasures Kwok Tai Hoi
2005 Lost in the Chamber of Love To Fai/Wong Sum
The Gentle Crackdown Lo Chou
Yummy Yummy Chan Wai
Into Thin Air Lai Chau
Life Made Simple Tong Fok Shui
Always Ready Ko Yu Cheung
2006 Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion Hui Yuk Mo
Under the Canopy of Love Sum Shau Ching
At Home With Love Ying Yan
Dicey Business Chau Fok Wing
2007 The Slicing of the Demon Kei Hok Yu
The Drive of Life Ngai Ling Tai
Men Don't Cry So Fei
2008 Wars of In-Laws II But Ping Fan
C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri Li Zai Sheng Remake of the 1994 film of the same name
Dressage to Win Cashier Guest appearance (ep. 1)
When a Dog Loves a Cat Miu Tai Mo
Your Class or Mine Fan Tai Wai
2009 Just Love II Ho Shi Fu
The King of Snooker Yau Yi Po
You're Hired Tong Kat
Love Kickoff Ying Yat Hung
Born Rich Tai Wing-luk
2010 The Season of Fate Ding Boss
The Comeback Clan Yip Mo-sing
2010-2011 Show Me the Happy Ching Cheung-gim
2011 Wax and Wane Chan Yat-chung
The Other Truth Tam Wai-tung
2012-2013 Friendly Fire Kam Pou Cheung
2013 Sergeant Tabloid Lui Tsan Nam
A Change of Heart Yip Sai-gau
Bounty Lady Heung Sing-nam
2014 Outbound Love Tse Wan-fung
Line Walker Cham Foon-hei
The Great Doctor An Daoquan
The Last Emperor

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