Wayne Lai

Wayne Lai

Wayne Lai in 2014
Background information
Chinese name 黎耀祥
Pinyin Lí Yàoxiáng (Mandarin)
Jyutping Lai4 Yiu6 Coeng4 (Cantonese)
Born (1964-05-04) 4 May 1964
Hong Kong
Occupation Actor, comedian
Years active 1986 – present
Spouse(s) Julia Leung (m.1997–present)
Children 1 son
Ancestry Haifeng, Shanwei, Guangdong, China
Website artiste.tvb.com/index.php?m=guest&u=waynelaitvb

Wayne Lai Yiu-cheung (Chinese: 黎耀祥; born 4 May 1964) is a Hong Kong TVB actor.


Lai entered TVB in 1983 as a clerk in the business department. In 1985, he gave up the job and trained in the TVB Acting School. He starred in many various programs for Educational Television programs, where he was mostly cast as an uncle or eldest cousin in Mathematics, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Chinese (Cantonese). He also starred in a few series in 1989. He started out in some minor roles, and took on some more significant roles later on. He has left TVB and entered the movie industry. Although those films are low-cost, these years provided a variety of roles and experiences to him. He also acted in two ATV series. He has achieved much praise for his roles, especially in the TVB drama Rosy Business creating a big trend in Hong Kong in 2009.

With much praise from the public, he won Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor in 2008 and 2009 TVB Anniversary Awards respectively. Meanwhile, he won My Favourite Male Character and TVB.com Popular Artist in awarding ceremony and has become the first Best Actor winning 3 awards at the same time. In 2010, he retained the Best Actor award in TVB Anniversary Awards for his role in No Regrets and became the second actor to win consecutive Best Actor award after Gallen Lo in 1997–98. He has since matched Gallen Lo's record of winning 3 Best Actor awards after his win in 2012 for his role in The Confidant.

Lai played different kinds of roles and is liked by a lot of Hong Kong viewers. He is best known for his role in Journey to the West and its sequel, The Gentle Crackdown (co-star with Halina Tam), Off Pedder and Some Day (co-star with Teresa Mo), Rosy Business and No Regrets (co-star with Sheren Tang). Owing to his brilliant performances, he is regarded as a talented TV actor with high popularity.

He is married and has a son.



Year Film Role Notes
1988 The Final Verdict Paralegal Cameo
1994 Mary's Choice TV movie
The Final Option Traffic officer
1997 Killing Me Tenderly
Troublesome Night 2 Bobby
Intruder Chan Kai-ming
Haunted Karaoke Chicken Wings
Those Were the Days

– Legends of the Condor Heros (1998 film)

1998 A Long and Forgotten Ghost Story Sze Fu-kwai
Bio Zombie Cavity Kui (Kui Gor)
The Storm Riders Mud Buddha
A Killer's Expiry Date Cheung Sai-din
Nightmare Zone
1999 Gen-X Cops Inspector Tang
Fourteen Days Before Suicide Richard
The Victim
2000 Sound from the Dark
2001 Visible Secret
Strangers Meet on the Way Man in suit
The Young Ones
Vampire Controller Professor Mo
Cheung Ngoi Sim Chan Dik Yam Fu
2002 Frugal Game Lai Siu-cheung
The Untold Story: Sudden Vanished Sam Ko Sam-yeung
The Untold Story: The Lost World Sam Ko Sam-yeung
Money Suckers
Modern Cinderella Wu Ah-kau
2003 Man in Blues Jackie Lai
Happy Go Lucky Chu Kwok-cheung (Kid Cheung)
The Assailant
Dizzy Date Sam
2004 Escape from Hong Kong Island police officer
2005 The House Kam Kwok-keung
2006 Dog Bite Dog Cheung
Confession of Pain Chan Wai-keung
Heavenly Mission Crazy
McDull, the Alumni God of Cooking
My Name is Fame Wai
Love Undercover 3 Gangster Bro
A Chinese Tall Story Lizard King
2007 Hooked on You Porky (voice)
Eye in the Sky thief
The Detective Kwan Sai-wing
House of the Invisibles Chung
2009 愛情三結義 department store owner
Turning Point Mo
Up Dug Cantonese voice-over
2010 72 Tenants of Prosperity Astro Cameo
Despicable Me Gru Cantonese voice-over
Forget Me Not
2011 The Road Less Traveled
I Love Hong Kong Wayne Lai Cameo
2014 The Beggar Hero Chan Tai-lik
2016 Sky on Fire

Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
1986 Dharma – Founder of Shaolin
New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre Mongol General
Turn Around and Die
The Legend of Wong Tai Sin eunuch
The Twin Heirs
Heir to the Throne Is... Imperial chef
The Feud of Two Brothers
The Ordeal Before the Revolution
Siblings of Vice and Virtue
Movie Maze
1987 Beastly Beings
The Making of a Gentleman
The Legend of the Book and the Sword Mang Kin-hung
The Seasons
Fate Cast in the Wind Chuen Fuk
1988 Two Most Honorable Knights
Twilight of a Nation
1989 I Love Amy
The Black Sabre Drink Seller in Episode 12
The Shanghai conspiracy
The Reincarnated of Wai
The Vixen's Tale
Mut Toi Tin Sze
Flying Squads
The Justice of Life Chung
Song Bird Chuk Kwok-ho
1989–90 Ode to Gallantry
1990 Three in a Family Ching Chi-nam
Blood of Good and Evil Tai Ha
A Time of Taste Choi
Silken Hands Hung Ngau-kan
1990–91 Challenge of Life Cockroach
1991 Wong To Yan Ching Kat Cheung
Mystery of the Parchment Beggar in ep 11
The Black Sabre
Rainbow Big D
Live for Life
Land of Glory Kong Kwan-loi
The Big Family Chan Foon-yan
1991–92 Police on the Road Man
The Survivor Shek Chi-kei
1992 The File of Justice Lee Chi-lap
Rage and Passion Chow Pak-tung
All Men are Brothers Yeung Siu-chat
1993 The Vampire Returns Cheung Nam-king
The File of Justice II Andy Hung Tsan-tung
Man of Wisdom Lee Lin-ying
All About Tin Luk Yeh-yin
1993–1994 The Edge of Righteousness Peter
1994 The Condor Heroes Return Chow Pak-tung
The Last Conquest Cheung Kei
Remembrance Chow Kwok-cheung
Crime and Passion Wong Pak-yeung
The Legend of the Condor Heroes Chow Pak-tung
The File of Justice III Yeung Bing
Instinct Lawyer Poon
1994–95 Filthy Rich Mo Hak-kan
1995 To Love with Love Tang Nai-keung
From Act to Act Ho Kwok-po
The Return of the Condor Heroes Chow Pak-tung
The File of Justice IV Anthony Yau Wing-kin
Justice Pao II Wan Hiu-fung
1995–96 Detective Investigation Files II Ho Sing-choi
1996 State of Divinity Lau Ching-fung
Nothing to Declare So Tung
Journey to the West Chu Bat-gai
1996–97 In the Name of Love Cheung
1997 Show Time Blues Lo Chi-choi
The File of Justice V Anthony Yau Wing-kin
A Road and a Will Ng Kin-ngai
A Recipe for the Heart Snake
1998 A Measure of Love Lam Wing-ching
Journey to the West II Chu Bat-gai
1999 Anti-Crime Squad Hoh Fei-fan
2000 Battlefield Network Fong Siu-keung
Showbiz Tycoon Hoh Chi-cheung
Hong Kong Yat Ga Yan
2001 New Legend of Chu Liuxiang Hu Tiehua
Su Dong Po Chan Kwai-sheung
2002 Law 2002 Lawyer Poon
2003 Seed of Hope Liu Chi-kan
The Driving Power Lok Kui-kei
To Love With No Regrets Yue Koo
2004 The Conqueror's Story Hon Shun
ICAC Investigators 2004
2005 Bizarre Files
Scavengers' Paradise Tse Kwan-min Nominated TVB Awards for Best Supporting Actor (Top 5)
The Gentle Crackdown Sze Kei-wong
Fantasy Hotel Hon Shan
Hidden Treasures Kwan Bing-hung
2005–06 When Rules Turn Loose Hung Chi-tat
2006 Greed Mask Au Man-wai
Safe Guards Sheung Chung Nominated TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor (Top 5)
Nominated TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Male Character (Top 20)
Astro Drama Awards for My Favourite Show Stealer Cast
Astro Drama Award for My Favourite Unforgettable Scene
Trimming Success Ho Cho-sing
2007 Best Bet Tsang Tak-sing
Devil's Disciples Tungfong Mo-ngai
Steps Lee Lik-keung Nominated TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor (Top 20)
Nominated – TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Male Character (Top 24)
2007–08 Best Selling Secrets Yuen Man-cheung Sitcom recurring
2008 The Gentle Crackdown II Tai Chung-man / Tai Chung-mo TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor
Moonlight Resonance Nin Chi-yung
2008–09 Pages of Treasures Fong Sam-ming
2008–10 Off Pedder Yue Ka-sing Sitcom regular
Nominated – Ming Pao 42nd Anniversary Award for Outstanding Actor in Television
nominated – Nam Fong Sing Din 2011 Annual Television Awards for Most Popular Actor
2009 Rosy Business Chai Kau TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor
TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Male Character
TVB Anniversary Award for TVB.com's Popularity Award
Mingpao Magazine Entertainment Award for Most Outstanding Male Artiste
Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award for Most Popular Actor
Next Magazine Award Top 10 Television Artistes
2010 In the Eye of the Beholder Wong Tai-bak Episode 1
Some Day Simon Ming Sai-on Sitcom regular
No Regrets Lau Sing TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor
My AOD Favourites Award for My Favourite Drama Character (1 of 10)
Ming Pao 43rd Anniversary Award for Outstanding Actor in Television
Next Magazine Award Top 10 Television Artistes
Nominated TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Male Character (Top 5)
Nominated – My AOD Favourites Award for My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role
2011 Forensic Heroes III Dr. Jack "Pro Sir" Po Kwok-tung My AOD Favourites Award for Favourite Drama Character (1 of 15)
Nominated TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor (Top 5)
Nominated TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Male Character (Top 5)
2012 The Greatness of a Hero Mo Sing-chi Previously warehoused; first released overseas in 2009
King Maker Yu Jing
The Confidant Lei Lin-ying TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor
Nominated – TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Male Character (Top 5)
2013 Bullet Brain P. Inspector Columbo Ko / Ko Tai-hei
Will Power Yu Ying-wai
2014 Rear Mirror Sunday Kei Yat-sing
Overachievers Mike Chiang Yuen
2015 Master of Destiny Cho Wan-hon Guest star
Under the Veil Chu Yi-Dan/Mr. Lui Yat Pan-Heung's husband (aka Dry Thunder)
Lord of Shanghai Kung Siu-san
2016 Short End of the Stick Lee Suk-kung
Come Home Love: Dinner at 8 Koo Hiu-San Modern Sitcom
No Reserve Suzuki Kazuo / Kong Sheung-hung post-production

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