Szeto Kam-Yuen

This is a Chinese name; the family name is Szeto(司徒).
Szeto Kam-Yuen
Chinese name 司徒錦源 (traditional)
Chinese name 司徒锦源 (simplified)
Pinyin Sītú Jǐnyuán (Mandarin)
Jyutping si1 tou4 gam2 jyun4 (Cantonese)
Born 1964
Died October 13, 2012
Other name(s) -Sze To Kam Yuen
-Szeto Kam Yuen
Occupation Screenwriter
Years active 1997-2012

Szeto Kam-Yuen (1964 13 October 2012), sometimes credited as Sze To Kam Yuen or Szeto Kam Yuen, was a Hongkonger screenwriter.[1]


Szeto began his career with TVB and later with Milkway Image.[2]

He is best known for his action-thrillers including SPL: Sha Po Lang (2005), Exiled (2006) and Flash Point (2007).

Szeto died of lung cancer in Hong Kong at age 48.[3]

Partial screenwriter filmography

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Year Film Source
1997 Too Many Ways to Be No. 1
1998 A Hero Never Dies
Expect the Unexpected
The Longest Nite
2001 Skyline Cruisers
2005 Home Sweet Home
Mob Sister
SPL: Sha Po Lang
2006 Dog Bite Dog
2007 Flash Point
2008 Shamo
2009 Accident
2012 The Fairy Tale Killer [4]
Motorway [5]
2013 Out of Inferno [6]
2014 The Monkey King [7]


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