Fulltime Killer

Fulltime Killer
Traditional 全職殺手
Simplified 全职杀手
Directed by Johnnie To
Wai Ka-Fai
Produced by Johnnie To
Wai Ka-Fai
Andy Lau
Written by Joey O'Bryan
Wai Ka-Fai
Based on Fulltime Killer
by Edmond Pang
Starring Andy Lau
Takashi Sorimachi
Simon Yam
Kelly Lin
Music by Alex Khaskin
Guy Zerafa
Cinematography Cheng Siu-Keung
Edited by David M. Richardson
Distributed by Teamwork Motion Pictures
Release dates
  • 3 August 2001 (2001-08-03)
Running time
102 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$25,682,414
(Hong Kong)[1]
US$23,124 (USA)[2]

Fulltime Killer (simplified Chinese: 全职杀手; traditional Chinese: 全職殺手) is a 2001 Hong Kong action film produced and directed by Johnnie To, and also written, produced and directed by Wai Ka-fai, and also produced by and starring Andy Lau. The film was released in the Hong Kong on 3 August 2001.

The film is based on Pang Ho-cheung's novel of the same name. It is informally known by Hong Kong English title You & I.


Based on a book by Hong Kong filmmaker Pang Ho-cheung, Fulltime Killer protagonist O is a hitman being challenged by new hotshot Lok Tok-wah. O has lived a life of seclusion as the number one hitman in Asia. The woman living at his contact address is captured after O foils a set-up by his boss. He then goes on the run whilst trying to fend off his adversary. The last part of the movie focuses on an Interpol detective's attempt to write the story of Tok and O.[3]

Alternate ending

The film has two endings. The normal one that appeared in theaters and the special ending for Malaysia where O and Chin end up being caught by police. This was supposedly done as per special request to show that "Crime doesn't pay".


Home media

On 29 March 2004, DVD was released by Tartan Asia Extreme at the United Kingdom in Region 2.


Fulltime Killer has a rating of 56% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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