Terrence Scammell (Canadian actor)

Not to be confused with Terrence Scammell (British actor).
Terrence Scammell

Terrence Scammell, 2006
Born Terrence Frederick Scammell
(1958-01-10) January 10, 1958
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Other names Terry Scammell
Terrence Scammel
Occupation Actor / Voice Artist / Voice Director/ Director
Spouse(s) Sheila Singhal
Website www.terrencescammell.com

Terrence Frederick Scammell (born January 10, 1958) is a Canadian voice director and voice actor living in Montreal, Quebec.

In a career that has spanned some 25 years, Scammell worked on hundreds of series, live-action films, documentaries and video games for PBS, the BBC, Syfy, Teletoon, Ubisoft and production companies around the world.

Scammell received an ACTRA award for voicing the iconic character of Darph Bobo[1] on Tripping the Rift,[2] and his directing work has been nominated for prestigious awards in North America,[3] Europe[4] and the U.K.[5]

He is married to writer and blogger Sheila Singhal and divides his time between Montreal and Ottawa. He is a member of ACTRA and the Canadian Actors' Equity Association unions.[6]

Voice directing

As an animation voice director, he has worked on over 50 television series in Montreal, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles. In addition, he has directed more than a dozen television specials and feature films for production houses in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe.

His directing work includes the popular animated series Tripping the Rift,[7] starring Tony Shaloub, Stephen Root and Carmen Electra, for the Syfy Channel; the Emmy-winning children’s classic, Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat for PBS Kids;[3] the BAFTA-nominated series Rotten Ralph for the BBC;[5] and the animated feature Pinocchio 3000 starring Whoopi Goldberg, Howie Mandel, Malcolm McDowell, which won Spain’s Goya Award for Best Animated Feature in 2005.[4]

In the documentary field, Scammell was the voice director[8] for the 90-minute PBS feature Six Days in June, and the 10-part CBC series, Arctic Territory, among others. He is also a dubbing director, and has directed the dubbing of numerous foreign-language feature films and television series, both live action and animation.

Selected voice directing credits

Animation and live action

Series Production Company Episodes
The Babaloos CINAR 4 x 30 minutes
Belle and Sebastian PVP and Gaumont Films 52 x 11 minutes
Bibi and Jennifer Megafun 6 x 30 minutes
Bionicles LEGO 4 x 30 minutes
The Big Garage Prisma Productions 4 x 30 minutes
Billy and Buddy Tooncan 26 x 30 minutes
The Boy (also serves as casting director) Tooncan 26 x 30 minutes
Carland Cross Sonolab 26 x 30 minutes
A Cat, a Cow, and the Ocean[9] Tooncan 26 x 12 minutes
Celestin Prisma 26 x 5 minutes
Children’s Dreams Megafun 26 x 5 minutes
Chico and Friends Punch International 26 x 30 Minutes
Daft Planet CinéGroupe 13 x 30 minutes
Detective Lea Summer Doublevue 26 x 30 minutes
Dog’s World Punch International 26 x 30 minutes
Dragon Cité Amérique 52 x 10 minutes
Dragon Hunters Tooncan 26 x 30 minutes
Flight Squad CINAR 26 x 30 minutes
Fred the Caveman Tube Studios 13 x 30 minutes
H20 Mermaid Adventures Netflix 26 x 30 minutes
Harbour Patrol Doublevue 26 x 30 minutes
Inuk Pop 6 52 x 30 minutes
Journey to the West – Legends of the Monkey King CINAR 26 x 30 minutes
Kit and Kaboodle CinéGroupe 26 x 30 minutes
Kitou Tooncan 52 x 10 minutes
Malo Korrigan Tooncan 52 x 10 minutes
Martin Morning[10] Tooncan 52 x 12 minutes
Mega Babies CinéGroupe / Landmark Entertainment / Sony Wonder 26 x 30 minutes
Mica Tooncan 26 x 11 minutes
A Miss Mallard Mystery CINAR 26 x 30 minutes
Misty Island Tooncan 52 x 12 minutes
Moot Moot Tooncan 13 x 30 minutes
Oscar and Spike Tooncan 13 x 30 minutes
Pig City CinéGroupe 52 x 30 minutes
Ratz Tooncan 52 x 10 minutes
Rotten Ralph Megafun / Tooncan / Italtoons / BBC 26 x 30 minutes
SOS CinéGroupe 4 x 30 minutes
Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat CinéGroupe 80 x 10 minutes
Space Goofs Tooncan 26 x 5 minutes
Spaced Out Tooncan 26 x 30 minutes
Spirou and Fantasio CinéGroupe 8 x 30 minutes
Tempo Express[11] Tooncan/ZDF 26 x 30 minutes
The Three Pigs CinéGroupe 26 x 30 minutes
The Tofus CinéGroupe 26 x 30 minutes
Tripping the Rift CinéGroupe 39 x 30 minutes
The Triplets Cinélume 4 x 30 minutes
Tupu Tooncan 26 x 30 minutes
Woofy Tooncan 26 x 30 minutes
The Wacky World of Webster and Whim Tooncan 26 x 30 minutes
Wumpa's World Cité Amérique 8 x 10 minutes
Yakari Tooncan 26 x 30 minutes

Specials, documentaries and feature films

Name of Special Production House Length
Arctic Territory[12] CBC 10 x 30 minutes
Fridge Magnets Tube Studios Pilot
Gap Travel Documentary Greenspace 6 x 60 minutes
The Gaspé Greenspace 120 minutes
Heavy Metal 2000 CinéGroupe 120 minutes
Journey to the West – Legends of the Monkey King CINAR 90 minutes
The Love Bugs Sonolab 30 minutes
Pinocchio 3000 CinéGroupe 90 minutes
Semmelweiss Cinélume 120 minutes
Six Days in June PBS 90 minutes
Spank CINAR 30 minutes

Voice acting

Scammell is also an ACTRA-award-winning voice performer. He has provided principal character voices for over 200 animated series and feature films. In addition, Terrence has voiced hundreds of commercials for radio and television, along with voice-overs for numerous industrial videos and documentaries. Documentary narration includes work on The Killer Next Door (Court TV), Arctic Territory (CBC), and Six Days in June (PBS).

Selected voice acting credits

Animated series

Animated features and specials

  • The Alphabet (Doubleview)—Various
  • Baa Baa Bad Sheep (CINAR)—Baa Baa Bad Sheep
  • Ballerina (Quad Prod./Caramel Films)—Merante, Postman
  • Bibi and Jennifer (Greenspace)—Bibi
  • David Copperfield (Cinemotion/NBC)—Butcher/Baker/Various
  • Frère Jacques[16] (CINAR)—Various
  • Go Hugo Go (A. Film/Per Holst Filmproduktion/Miramax/CINAR)—Zig
  • Happy Birthday Bunnykins (Lacewood Productions)—Stoatworth
  • Heavy Metal 2000 (CinéGroupe)—Various
  • Here Comes the Bride (CINAR)—Wainwright/Various
  • The House on the Corner (Lacewood Productions)—Father
  • Hugo The Movie Star (A. Film/Per Holst Filmproduktion/Miramax/CINAR)—Zig
  • Moomins and the Comet Chase (Jupiter Film/SF/MTV3/Filmoteka Narodowa Polski/FST5)—Muskrat
  • The Nightingale (Atkinson Film Arts)—Li Po/Courtier
  • Pinocchio 3000 (CinéGroupe)—Scambocop
  • The Prince's Rain (CINAR)—Various
  • Ricky Raindrop (KLA)—Prof. Lymnos/Various
  • Rooster Doodle Do (10th Ave. Prod.)—Gustave, Mailman
  • Sahara (Mandarin Films)—Eagle
  • Spookley the Square Pumpkin (Holiday Hill Farm)—Allen
  • Sur le Pont d'Avignon (CINAR)—Harlequin
  • The Teddy Bears and Buster (Lacewood Productions)—Father
  • The Tin Soldier (Atkinson Film Arts)—Sammy
  • The Toys Who Saved Christmas (CINAR)—Various

Video games

For nearly 20 years, Scammell provided voices for video games for all platforms. Beginning with Jagged Alliance for MS-DOS in 1994 to Assassin's Creed 3, he has performed a variety of roles from action heroes to evil wizards.

Selected credits


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