The Legend of White Fang

The Legend of White Fang
Genre Adventure
Created by Jack London (book)
Developed by Crayon Animation
Starring Rick Jones
Patricia Rodriguez
Michael Rudder
Mark Hellman
Pierre Lenoir
Neil Shee
Terrence Scammell
Thelma Farmer
Anik Matern
Country of origin Canada; France
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Micheline Charest
Original network Family, HBO,[1] Pop/Pop Plus, Channel 4, ABC TV
Original release 1992 – 1994

The Legend of White Fang is a cartoon series based on the novel White Fang by Jack London

FilmFair, at the time a division of the Storm Group, produced the series for the Canadian pay television channel Family, which transmitted it from 199294; HBO later transmitted it in the United States. Canadian writer Pierre Berton was a history consultant to the series.


12-year-old Wendy and wolf-husky mix White Fang share many adventures in Yukon's rugged Klondike territory. Brave Wendy manages to befriend the wild loner, and together, she and White Fang explore the wilderness, where they encounter wolf packs, gold thieves, American Indians, otter poachers, and treacherous avalanches.



# Title Air Date
1"The Gold Nugget"TBA
4"Fool's Gold"TBA
5"Two Free Beings"TBA
6"The River Of Life"TBA
7"The Ice Bound Boat"TBA
8"The Expedition"TBA
9"Leap Of Danger"TBA
10"An Adventure at Every Turn"TBA
11"The Golden Touch"TBA
12"The Revenge"TBA
13"Otter Madness"TBA
14"The Fountain Of Gold"TBA
16"Wendy Runs Away"TBA
17"The Traitor"TBA
18"A Charmed Life"TBA
19"The Lynx"TBA
20"The Thunder Mask"TBA
21"The Great Showman"TBA
23"White Fang Goes To Town"TBA
24"The Team"TBA
25"The Beavers"TBA
26"The Trap"TBA

DVD release

Two volumes were released on DVD in 2006, each containing four episodes.

On 14 September 2010, Mill Creek Entertainment released the entire series on DVD in Region 1.[2]


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