Yakari #1 (1977)
Publication information
Publisher Le Lombard (French)
Cinebook (English)
Format Ongoing series
Genre Graphic Novel
Number of issues 38 (in French)
12 (in English)
Creative team
Writer(s) Job (André Jobin) (1973-2016), Joris Chamblain (2016-)
Artist(s) Derib (Claude de Ribaupierre)
Creator(s) Derib & Job

Yakari is a Franco-Belgian comic book series, aimed at a younger audience, written by Job and illustrated by Derib, both from Switzerland.

Job has finished working on Yakari. The series will be now written by Joris Chamblain.

Yakari has (on two occasions, 1983 and 2005[1]) been adapted to a cartoon series on television, a movie was announced. Yakari is one of the most well-known Franco-Belgian comics in Europe.


Yakari is a young Sioux Native American who has the ability to understand and speak animal languages. During his adventures, he meets all sorts of North American animals. His best friends are a girl Sioux, "Rainbow", a Sioux boy "Buffalo Seed" and his pony "Little Thunder". He has a totem animal, "Great Eagle", who frequently appears to him to give him critical advice.

The setting is the North American Great Plains, mainly. Horses have already been introduced by the Spanish, but there is no mentioning of white man whatsoever in the series. (In one book, there's even a mention by an old tribesman that there's a mystery how the horse came to the land, and that it hasn't always been there.) It can therefore be assumed that Yakari's adventures take place after the 15th century, but long before the settling rush in the late 18th/19th century.

The comic shows a very positive view of the culture of the Sioux and depicts them as peaceful people who live in harmony with nature.


(English names; original French names in brackets when available)


Mounts and wild animals:

Totem animals:


The books have been translated into at least 17 languages including English, Portuguese, German, Scandinavian languages, Finnish, Breton, Indonesian, Polish, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Inuktitut and Catalan etc.

Original French versions

Only the original French language publication is indicated.

  1. Yakari (Dargaud, 1973)
  2. Yakari et le bison blanc (Casterman, 1976)
  3. Chez les Castors (Casterman, 1977)
  4. Yakari et Nanabozo (Casterman, 1978)
  5. Yakari et le grizzly (Casterman, 1979)
  6. Le secret de petit tonnerre (Casterman, 1981)
  7. L'étranger (Casterman, 1982)
  8. Au pays des loups (Casterman, 1983)
  9. Les Prisonniers de l'Ile (Casterman, 1983)
  10. Le grand terrier (Casterman, 1984)
  11. La toison blanche (Casterman, 1985)
  12. Yakari et le coyote (Casterman, 1986)
  13. Yakari et les seigneurs des plaines (Casterman, 1987)
  14. Le vol des corbeaux (Casterman, 1988)
  15. La rivière de l'oubli (Casterman, 1989)
  16. Le premier galop (Casterman, 1990)
  17. Le monstre du lac (Casterman, 1991)
  18. L'oiseau de neige (Casterman, 1992)
  19. la barrière de feu (Casterman, 1993)
  20. Le diable des bois (Casterman, 1994)
  21. Le souffleur de nuages (Casterman, 1995)
  22. La fureur du ciel (Casterman, 1996)
  23. Yakari et les cornes fourchues (Casterman, 1997)
  24. Yakari et l'ours fantôme (Casterman, 1998)
  25. Le mystère de la falaise (Le Lombard, 1999)
  26. La vengeance du carcajou (Le Lombard, 2000)
  27. Yakari et longues-oreilles (Le Lombard, 2001)
  28. Le chêne qui parlait (Le Lombard, 2002)
  29. Le réveil du géant (Le Lombard, 2003)
  30. Le marcheur de nuit (Le Lombard, 2004)
  31. Yakari et les Appaloosas (Le Lombard, 2005)
  32. Les Griffes de l'Ours (Le Lombard, 2006)
  33. Le marais de la peur (Le Lombard, 2007)
  34. Le retour du lapin magicien (Le Lombard, 2008)
  35. L'escapade de l'ourson (Le Lombard, 2009)
  36. Le lézard de l'ombre (Le Lombard, 2011)
  37. Le mangeur d'étoiles (Le Lombard, 2012)
  38. Yakari et la tueuse des mers (Le Lombard, 2014)

English Versions

Cinebook Ltd is the current publisher for the English version of the series.

  1. Yakari and Great Eagle, 2005, ISBN 1-905460-04-X
  2. Yakari and the White Buffalo, 2005, ISBN 1-905460-05-8
  3. Yakari and the Beavers, 2006, ISBN 1-905460-09-0
  4. Yakari and the Grizzly, 2006, ISBN 1-905460-16-3
  5. Yakari and the Stranger, 2007, ISBN 978-1-905460-27-4
  6. Yakari in the Land of Wolves, 2008, ISBN 978-1-905460-29-8
  7. Yakari: The Island Prisoners, 2009, ISBN 978-1-84918-010-8
  8. Yakari and the White Fleece, 2010, ISBN 978-1-84918-055-9
  9. Yakari and the Coyote, 2011, ISBN 978-1-84918-101-3
  10. Yakari: The River of Forgetfulness, 2012, ISBN 978-1-84918-140-2
  11. Yakari and Nanabhozo, 2013, ISBN 978-1-84918-177-8
  12. Yakari: Little Thunder's Secret, 2014, ISBN 978-1-84918-223-2

Television series

Original stories involving original and additional characters were written for both television series.

The 1983 version (French Wikipedia), made in French for the French station Antenne 2 and also aired by the Swiss Télévision suisse romande (TSR), had 52 episodes.

The 2005 version (French Wikipedia), also in French, was a Franco-Belgian co-production made for France 3 and RTBF. An initial season of 52 episodes was followed by two more, 26 episodes each, and nine more episodes on DVD. A movie sequel is in the making.


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