The Triplets

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The Triplets (Catalan: Les tres bessones; Spanish: Las tres mellizas; Occitan: Es tres bessoes) are three fictional characters (Anna, Teresa and Helena) created by Catalan illustrator Roser Capdevila.

The Triplets were created in 1983, based on Capdevila's own daughters, three actual triplets born in 1969. The stories were immediately successful and began publishing in many countries. In 1985 a new character, the "Bored Witch" (La Bruixa Avorrida) was added to the plots to form a collection of classical stories, "The Triplets and (...)".

In 1994, television producer Cromosoma and the Catalan TV corporation Televisió de Catalunya adapted the stories to make a cartoon series based on the books. It became very successful and profitable and led to the production of a second series with the Bored Witch as main character, together with France 3, Canal J and Storimages.

By 2004, The Triplets series consisted of 104 episodes, while The Bored Witch reached 52. They've been translated to 35 different languages and have been shown in 158 countries or territories.


The plots of The Triplets follow a definite pattern. The sisters play some prank or manage to annoy the Bored Witch, and, to punish them, she sends them into a classical tale, legend, or children's or adult's (such as Frankenstein or The Phantom of The Opera) literary work. The main structure of the classic remains, but some twists (often hilarious anachronisms such as showing The forty thieves getting distracted from robbing a house by a camel race on TV or Dr. Frankenstein as a veterinarian) are introduced to favour each plot and define the sisters' personalities.


Teresa (Tessa in the English dub) - She's the triplet with the pink ribbon. She is the most adventurous triplet and comes up with the most ambitious ideas, but she's not necessarily the leader.

Anna (Annie in the English dub) - She's the triplet with the blue ribbon. She's laid-back and more peaceful than her sisters. She's also quite curious. Anna tends to be a bit romantic at times.

Helena (Nellie in the English dub) - She's the triplet with the green ribbon. She has the sweetest demeanour of the triplets. She also has a love for food and sweets, which sometimes leads to trouble.

The Bored Witch - She's a overweighted, 700-year-old witch who is always bored, despite having great magical powers. She serves as a day sitter for the triplets, but when they start acting disorderly, she uses her magic to send the girls into stories. No matter what, she never uses magic to directly hinder the girls in their adventures, although tends to join forces with every story's antagonist. Despite her role of antagonist, she is not an evil character, and always keeps her word to return the girls to their world.

The Owl - He's a purple owl who serves as an assistant to the Bored Witch. He is quite nervous and requires coffee to stay awake during the day.


The Triplets find themselves involved in a different classic story each chapter.

The Triplets around the world

The series has been translated into the following languages:

  1. Arabic
  2. Occitan (Aranese) - Es Tres Bessoes
  3. Basque - Hirukiak.
  4. Chinese - 淘氣三胞胎
  5. Croatian - Vesele trojke
  6. Czech - Trojčátka
  7. Dutch - De Drieling
  8. English - The Triplets
  9. French - Les Trois Petites Soeurs
  10. Gaelic
  11. Galician - As Tres Xemelgas
  12. German- Die Drillinge
  13. Greek- Οι Τριδυμούλες
  14. Hebrew - השלישייה (HaShlishiya)
  15. Hindi
  16. Hungarian-Az Triplettak
  17. Icelandic - Trillurnar
  18. Italian - Tre gemelle e una strega
  19. Japanese- テレサ アンナ ヘレナ 3つごのだいぼうけん 移動: 案内、 検索
  20. Korean
  21. Kurdish
  22. Malay
  23. Mandarin
  24. Norwegian- Den Trillinger
  25. Occitan (Lengadocian) - Las Tres Bessonas
  26. Persian
  27. Polish - Bajkowe trojaczki
  28. Portuguese (European) - As Três Irmâs
  29. Portuguese (Brazil) - As Trigêmeas
  30. Slovenian
  31. Spanish - Las Tres Mellizas
  32. Swedish - Trillingarna
  33. Tamil
  34. Thai
  35. Turkish - Üçüzler
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