Monster Allergy

For the television series, see Monster Allergy (TV series).
Monster Allergy

Cover of issue #1
Publication information
Publisher Buena Vista Comics
Panini Comics
Format Comic book series
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Publication date October 3, 2003
Number of issues 29
Creative team
Writer(s) Francesco Artibani
Inker(s) Cristina Giorgilli
Daniela Vetro
Colorist(s) Pamela Brughera
Barbara Canepa
Creator(s) Katja Centomo
Francesco Artibani
Alessandro Barbucci
Barbara Canepa
Editor(s) Sun Productions

Monster Allergy is a comic book series created by Disney Italy and published by Buena Vista Comics. The May 24, 2015 Tunué announced the new edition of the complete comic book, in two volumes of over 700 pages each, including a final unpublished episode.[1]


In 1996, Disney Italy launched a new comic company called PKNA (Paperinik New Adventures) with an unusual format, featuring human characters rather than the typical anthropomorphic animals that Walt Disney used the first thirty years. This format convinced the Milan division of Disney to launch new plans. The comic book series of Monster Allergy was published on October 13, 2003, and is therefore third of these series, which includes Atlantis: The Lost Empire and W.I.T.C.H. It is published by Buena Vista Comics. The comic books were created by Alessandro Barbucci, Katja Centomo, Francesco Artibani and Barbara Canepa of Sky Doll and W.I.T.C.H.[2] The series lasted 29 issues; however, it is still in the course of reprints, in newspaper stands the 13th of every month.[3]


Monster Allergy details the adventures of Elena Potato, who moves with her family to Old Mill Village, and Ezekiel Zick, whose father is missing and is affected by all sorts of allergies including one that allows him to see monsters. Together, they uncover the secrets of the world of monsters. Zick and Elena face terrible danger and lethal enemies, which they are usually able to overcome. They are aided by Timothy-Moth, Zick's "cat", who is found to be unusual in that he has his own powers and can speak; he turns out to be a Tutor and a guardian of the monsters that are detained and tutored for breaking the rules of their monster city, Bibbur-Si.[4][5]



Monster Tamers pass the natural power of the Tone from parent to child, thus creating long dynasties of heroes. Tamers are able to spot monsters and tame them. If the monster refuse to be subdued, they are captured and imprisoned in special containers, a Taming Box (Dombox). This containers has been specially treated in order to preserve the prisoner while preventing its escape. Every type of monsters needs its own special Taming Box (Dombox) and canning method. The Tamer's special skill lies in mastering these methods and in knowing all the many types of monster races. Most importantly, a Tamer must master the Tone, which is extremely powerful but is strictly connected and dependent on the skills of the Tamers who wields it. Tamers have a particularly sensitive sense of smell, which helps them perceive the presence of monsters or danger in general.[6]

Monster Tamer's Handbook

The Universal Signs

In the monster world, the Astronomer Monsters create this Universal Sign to know the characteristic of a person or a monster to predict their future and knowing their personalities.[12]

How to know your sign: Add up the numbers of your birthday (for example if you've born on 26 November, you have to add 2+6+1+1=10 and then 1+0=1), Find the number of the respective signs. But if you got a 9, then you can choose between the first and last sign.[12]


Monster Keepers are humans who can "see" monsters, and allow them to live in their homes, in Detention Oases. They help the Tutors defend the monsters from the dangers of the human world as well as the monster world. The gift of Sight is passed from parent to child, and few special people, so that entire generations of Keepers can look after the Oasis in total secret.[12]

Gift of Sight

A Keeper can give the "Gift of Sight" to the successor by putting their hands over their eyes. Mrs. Barrymore did this to Elena so she could be a better keeper. The donor does not lose their vision because they're only passing a tiny part of their powers. It's then up to the young Keepers to strengthen their vision through time.[12]

Monster Keeper's Handbook

Lesson in Keeper Studies

Build your own Oasis



In the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, Monster Allergy was published as a comic magazine last September 2004. However, Summit Media (the publisher of Monster Allergy in the Philippines) stopped publishing Monster Allergy at Issue 14.[18] In Malaysia, it stopped publishing it at the 29th issue, the last issue. Chuang Yi Singapore finished publishing it until the 29th issue, the last of the comic book series. In the French version, in the 20th issue has speak 30 books. The comic book titles are quite different from the television series titles. Every issue contains a 44-page Monster Allergy story.[19]

The Beginning


The Monster Thrills

Meet the Thaurs

Deep in the Monster World

New Adventures

Merchandises and other media

Trading card game

A Trading Card Game based on the same name was created by Upper Deck Company.[20] It contains 110 collectible card to play.[21][22]

Video game

A 3D Action Adventure PC game was developed Artematica Entertainment in 2006, however it is only available in Italy.[23]

Television series

An animated series based on the comics was produced and directed by Iginio Straffi of Rainbow S.p.A., ironically, the creator of one of W.I.T.C.H.'s competing franchise, Winx Club.[24]


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