Opened March 2008 (2008-03)
Pricing model $17–$30 (typical album), individual tracks available in some cases
Platforms Mac OS X, MS Windows
Restrictions Unrestricted
Catalogue Diverse genres, including Classical, Jazz, and Rock.
Preview Yes
Streaming No
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  • Cover art
  • Liner notes
Website hdtracks.com

HDtracks is a high-resolution digital music store offering DRM-free music in multiple formats as well as cover art (and liner notes via PDF file downloads for a majority of catalog offerings) with Audio CD-quality and high definition audio master recording quality download selections.[1]

Origins and expansion

The company was privately founded by David and Norman Chesky of the audiophile recording company Chesky Records, and is based in New York, NY.[2] The service was launched on March 21, 2008, initially offering only CD-quality 44.1 kHz audio files in AIFF format from a small offering of independent record labels, including audiophile record company catalogs from Chesky Records, Reference Recordings, 2L, and blues labels like Alligator Records.[3] Shortly after its initial launch, HDtracks began offering higher sample- and bit-rate recordings such as 96 kHz/24bit, 192 kHz/24bit and other higher resolution than CD sound files with a focus on jazz, classical music, adult-oriented rock, and historic recordings targeting adult consumers looking for an alternative to lesser-quality compressed mp3 files.



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