Style Jukebox

Style Jukebox - High-Resolution Music Streaming
Initial release 5th September 2013
Stable release 2.2.1 (October 8, 2016 (2016-10-08)) [±]
Operating system Windows, Windows 8, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web browser
Available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian and Bulgarian
Type Media player, Music Platform

Style Jukebox is a hi-fi High-resolution_audio[1] cloud music streaming and storage player for the Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. A Web Player is also available for Mac, Windows and Linux.[2]

Style Jukebox allows users to upload their personal music collection from their computer to Style Jukebox servers and listen to them from another compatible device (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Windows Phone)[3] by streaming or downloading songs for offline playback.

Basic accounts have 10 GB of storage. Pro accounts can have up to 2 TB of music. [4]

As of July 2016, Style Jukebox had more than 250,000 registered users.[5]


Screenshot of Style Jukebox running for Windows


Style Jukebox consists of cloud-based services for user management, music storage and programmatic interfaces (APIs); and clients for music streaming and storage on desktop and mobile operating systems.

Upload is available on the desktop client only; Style Jukebox enables users to drop music files and folders in the music player to be automatically uploaded and synced with Style Jukebox cloud-based services and made available to any other of the user's computers and devices that also have the Style Jukebox client installed.[9]

Style Jukebox cloud-based services automatically transcodes formats to match the device's supported formats. For example, a 320kbit/s WMA is transcoded to 320kbit/s MP3 on iOS devices and FLAC lossless is transcoded to WMA lossless on Windows Phone devices.[10]


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