Radionomy SA
Type of business Private
Available in French (primary)
Founded January 2008 (2008-01) in Brussels, Belgium
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Area served Worldwide
Owner Vivendi (64.4%)
Union Square Ventures (minority stake)
  • Alexandre Saboundjian
  • Yves Baudechon
  • Gilles Bindels
  • Cedric van Kan
Key people Alexandre Saboundjian (Founder and CEO)
Jef Mauguit (CTO)
Thierry Ascarez (VP of Business Development)
Services Internet Radio
Alexa rank 19,500 (February 2016)[1]
Advertising Banner ads, Audio ads
Registration Free (required to save stations)
Launched April 2008
Current status Active

Radionomy is an online platform that provides its users with the tools to create online radio stations. Radionomy is a unit of Vivendi Village, part of Vivendi, the global media and content group.

The company was founded in September 2007 by four Belgian entrepreneurs: Alexandre Saboundjian, Gilles Bindels, Cedric van Kan and Yves Baudechon. It was launched to the public on April 2008.

On 17 December 2015, Vivendi acquired a 64.4% majority stake in Radionomy. Its shareholders including its employees and U.S.-based investment company Union Square Ventures, retained its stake in the company.[2]


The name of Radionomy is a contraction of two words: radio + autonomy. Radionomy allows users to create their own online radio or listen to online radio, all created and programmed by users. Through a platform called RMO, they can choose music, chronic and radio jingles or they wish to broadcast their radio. They can add their own audio content including own musical pieces, jingles. Moreover, it is possible to make live broadcasts.

Radionomy supports the costs of streaming and payment of royalties through the SABAM. The Company finances its service by broadcasting a maximum of four minutes per hour of advertising on radio created.


Radionomy is a small Belgian concern based in Brussels, founded in September 2007 by four Belgian entrepreneurs: Alexandre Saboundjian Gilles Bindels, Cedric van Kan and Yves Baudechon.








List of properties owned by Radionomy Group

In addition to its own online radio aggregation service, Radionomy owns audio and radio-related digital properties:


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