The Spy Dad

The Spy Dad

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Traditional 絕種鐵金剛
Simplified 绝种铁金刚
Mandarin Jué Zhǒng Tiě Jīn Gāng
Cantonese Zyut6 Zung2 Tit3 Gam1 Gong1
Directed by Wong Jing
Produced by Wong Jing
Cao Biao
Screenplay by Wong Jing
Starring Tony Leung
Candice Yu
Jordan Chan
Gillian Chung
Chapman To
Teresa Mo
Eric Kot
Elvis Tsui
Meme Tian
Wai Wah
Edison Chen
Jim Chim
Music by Marco Wan
Cinematography Edmond Fung
Edited by Azrael Chung
China Star Entertainment
Wisdom Entertainment
Jing's Production
Distributed by China Star Entertainment
China Film Group
Release dates
23 October 2003 (2003-10-23)
Running time
112 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$5,429,623

The Spy Dad is a 2003 Hong Kong comedy film produced, written and directed by Wong Jing and starring Tony Leung as the titular protagonist, Jones Bon, an action film star with obvious homage to James Bond 007 films while with also references to martial arts films by Bruce Lee.


Jones Bon is a famous action film star who specialized in playing the role of a superhero like James Bond. But he was as timid as a mouse in real life. His cowardice caused his wife, Isabel, to divorce him leaving him as a single parent to take care of his two lovely daughters, Cream and Crispy. Isabel returned to Hong Kong to shoot a blockbuster with Jones. Interpol agent Titman followed the mad scientist Dr. Donno to Lungyi's hideout where the latter manufactured an Intelligence Degeneration Virus. When Titman seized the container of the Intelligence Degeneration Virus and attempted to arrest them, a gunfight broke out. The container was hit by a bullet and the Intelligence Degeneration Virus leaked out. Titman was infected by the virus, but he still escaped with the Ultra-SARS Virus.


Box office

The film grossed HK$5,429,623 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run from 23 October to 19 November 2003 in Hong Kong.

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