A True Mob Story

A True Mob Story
Traditional 龍在江湖
Simplified 龙在江湖
Mandarin Lóng Zài Jiāng Hú
Cantonese Lung4 Zoi6 Gong1 Wu4
Directed by Wong Jing
Produced by Wong Jing
Written by Wong Jing
Starring Andy Lau
Gigi Leung
Alex Fong
Suki Kwan
Mark Cheng
Music by Peter Kam
A & D Ltd
Cinematography Cheng Siu-Keung
Edited by Marco Mak
Distributed by China Star Entertainment
Release dates
  • 1 July 1998 (1998-07-01)
Running time
112 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$16,931,285

A True Mob Story is a 1998 Hong Kong crime drama film produced, written and directed by Wong Jing and starring Andy Lau and Gigi Leung.


In 1993, Wai Kat-cheung (Andy Lau) is an underling of Prince (Mark Cheng). Since Cheung was young, his father was a triad member so Cheung also joined the triad. One time when Prince owed Crazy Ball (Ben Ng) HK$3 million debt, Crazy Ball abducted Prince and Cheung rescues him by slicing Crazy Ball's left eye. Although he later became highly regarded by Prince and his status rose, he also had to pay a heavy price. He not only forged a vendetta with Crazy Ball, that night, his wife Cindy (Angie Cheung) also saw him slaughtering and went to help him but was run over by a car.

Cindy's good friend Ruby (Suki Kwan), whom has a crush on Cheung for a long time, helps Cheung take care of his son Tai-hung. Since Cheung is always referred as a bad guy by Tai-hung's classmates which made Tai-hung have violent tendencies toward his classmates and develops serious eccentric sense.

Five years later, in 1998, Cheung and Prince have a partnership in a factory specializing in the production of unlicensed VCD movie discs, Prince was hiding from Cheung and secretly operate a dirty mass production of cocaine. One time while collecting debts, Cheung crushed a man named Chow Tai-man's head and was sued to court and therefore meets defense attorney Sandy (Gigi Leung). Sandy's boyfriend, Michael (Alex Fong) has been monitoring Cheung's factory and suspects Cheung of engaging in drug trafficking activities. When Michael knew Sandy was fighting the case for Cheung, he suggested that Sandy abort Cheung's defense but was refused, and later Sandy successfully helped Cheung won the case.

While Cheung looks over his factory with Prince, he also protects Ruby, who works in an entertainment venue. Prince coveted Ruby for a long time and was hindered by Cheung, Prince resents toward Cheung. Finally one time when Prince tried to get Ruby and got into conflict with Cheung, Cheung was seriously injured. Since then, Cheung and Ruby formally start a relationship

One night when Cheung and Sandy were out in the streets, they were confronted by Crazy Ball who came for revenge. Cheung successfully escapes with Sandy on his motorcycle. Afterward, Cheung asked for help in the gang to cope with Crazy Ball, but they refused to help since they considered it to be Cheung's personal enmity.

Sandy learned from Michael that Cheung might be involved in drug trafficking activities, therefore she goes to ask Cheung. Later Cheung goes to the factory to examine and discovers the truth of the gang's long-term drug trafficking. At this moment, Crazy Ball broke into Cheung's residence and holds Ruby and Tai-hung hostage. On his way to save the two, Cheung was arrested by the police for drug trafficking. Although he was released soon, but that night, Ruby was gang raped and Tai-hung lost his eyesight.

Crazy Ball cannot be reconciled for not finding Cheung and in order to continue to take revenge, he killed Prince, which angers the gang leader, Uncle Mei (Michael Chan). Uncle Mei sends many henchmen to kill Crazy Ball. Although he was chased by the gang, he finally died in the hands of Cheung. This was witnessed by David (David Lee), who was an undercover cop planted by Michael. Cheung was wanted for murder Crazy Ball and goes to Sandy for help. Sandy reveals that she loves him and will not let him go to jail. Sandy suggested Cheung to turn himself in so she can defend him, and let Cheung be the tainted witness of drug trafficking case, which leads Uncle Mei to prison.

Michael always wanted to arrest Cheung, but David, who has been undercover for a year, conscientiously gives a favorable testimony of Cheung. In the most critical moment of the last trial, she commissioned another lawyer to be Cheung's defense lawyer, and she transformed into a new witness. She testifies that Cheung is his boyfriend, and during Crazy Ball's murder, they were in her apartment. Her testimony was accepted by the jury and Cheung was finally acquitted. She also felt guilty lying to herself and felt unworthy for her boyfriend Michael.

Outside the courthouse, Cheung catches up with Sandy to express his gratitude to her, and Sandy said they do not fit together, and claims she only did that just to not let him go to jail and tells him to take good care of Ruby and Tai-hung. As they separate, Cheung was unexpectedly killed by Uncle Mei's henchmen on the streets.


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Box office

The film grossed HK$16,931,285 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run from 1 July to 31 July 1998 in Hong Kong.

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