Tony Leung Ka-fai

Not to be confused with Tony Leung Chiu-wai.
Tony Leung Ka-fai
Chinese name 梁家輝 (traditional)
Chinese name 梁家辉 (simplified)
Pinyin Liáng Jiāhuī (Mandarin)
Jyutping Loeng4 Gaa1fai1 (Cantonese)
Born (1958-02-01) 1 February 1958
Hong Kong
Occupation Actor
Years active 1983–present
Spouse(s) Jiang Jianian (1987–present)
Ancestry Nanhai, Guangdong, China
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Leung.

Tony Leung Ka-fai (simplified Chinese: 梁家辉; traditional Chinese: 梁家輝; born February 1, 1958) is a Hong Kong actor who is a four-time winner of the Hong Kong Film Award.

As he is often confused with actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Tony Leung Ka-fai is known as "Big Tony", while Tony Leung Chiu-wai is known as "Little Tony", nicknames which correspond to the actors' respective physical statures.


Leung has been in the film industry for more than 30 years, starring in a variety of roles. His debut film was Burning of the Imperial Palace (1983), where he played the Xianfeng Emperor. He would later work with Chow Yun-fat in three films, Prison on Fire (1987), A Better Tomorrow 3 (1989), and God of Gamblers Returns (1994). He also appeared as Joyce Godenzi's husband in She Shoots Straight, Joyce's trademark film.

In 1991, Leung went to France to appear in Jean-Jacques Annaud's The Lover, based on Marguerite Duras's novel, as the older lover of a young teen schoolgirl, who was played by British actress Jane March.

After so many performances and roles, he starred in the international horror feature film Double Vision with American actor David Morse.

Leung's ongoing career has seen him star in films such as The Myth (2005), Everlasting Regret (2005) and Election (2005).

Leung won his fourth Best Actor award for his performance in Cold War at the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards.[1]


Year Title Role Notes
1983 Burning of the Imperial Palace Xianfeng Emperor
1983 Reign Behind the Curtain Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer
1984 Ghost Informer, TheThe Ghost Informer Tang
1984 Cherie Hua
1985 Journey of the Doomed
1986 The Last Emperor Pu Yi
1987 People's Hero Captain Chan
1987 Lady in Black Chan Kin-sang
1987 City Girl
1987 Prison on Fire Lo Ka-yiu / 51910
1988 Gunmen Captain Ting Kwan Pik
1988 My Mother's Tea House
1988 Laser Man, TheThe Laser Man Joey Cheung
1989 Sentenced to Hang Li Wai
1989 Mr. Coconut cameo
1989 Better Tomorrow 3, AA Better Tomorrow 3 Cheung Chi-mun
1990 Island of Fire Wei Wang / Andy
1990 She Shoots Straight Inspector Huang Tsung-pao
1990 Queen's Bench III
1990 Farewell China Zhao Nansan Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
1991 Alien Wife
1991 Inspector Pink Dragon Ma Yau-yau
1991 To Catch a Thief
1991 Red and Black Liang Kwo-tung
1991 Her Fatal Ways Wu Wei-kuo
1991 This Thing Called Love
1991 Au revoir mon amour Liang Seng
1991 The Raid Masa
1991 Blue Lightning Ching Hay
1991 King of Chess Wang Yisheng Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
1991 Banquet, TheThe Banquet Leung
1992 New Dragon Gate Inn Chow Wai-on
1992 Once Upon a Time a Hero in China Bad Egg Ken Shek
1992 92 Legendary La Rose Noire Keith Lui Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
1992 Lover, TheThe Lover Chinese Man
1992 Centre Stage Cai Chusheng
1992 Misty
1993 Boys Are Easy Simon Tse Sai
1993 Ghost Lantern Fai
1993 He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father Chu Ren
1993 Flying Dagger Hon Chung
1993 The Eagle Shooting Heroes Duan Zhixing
1993 Rose Rose I Love You Keith Lui / Johnny
1993 The Black Panther Warriors Mang-po Fai
1993 Tom, Dick and Hairy Dick Ching
1993 Finale in Blood Fortune Teller
1993 Lover of the Swindler Michael Chan Chun
1993 Touch of Class, AA Touch of Class Lau Ching-man
1993 Perfect Exchange Chung Chor-hung
1993 All Men Are Brothers: Blood of the Leopard Lin Chong
1994 To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui Milky Fai
1994 Always Be the Winners Hui Man Lung
1994 I Will Wait for You So Yau-shing
1994 Long and Winding Road, TheThe Long and Winding Road James
1994 He and She Lai Chi-kai
1994 God of Gamblers Returns Siu Fong-fong / "Little Trumpet"
1994 It's a Wonderful Life Yum Kow-kwai
1994 Ashes of Time Huang Yaoshi
1994 Lover's Lover
1995 Dream Lover
1995 Winter of 1900, TheThe Winter of 1900
1995 Lover of the Last Empress Prince Kung
1995 Touch of Evil, AA Touch of Evil Liang Shaolun
1995 The Christ of Nanjing Ryuichi Okagawa
1996 Evening Liaison Xu
1997 Destination: 9th Heaven Chiang Shan
1997 Island of Greed Chao Chiu-sen Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
1999 Love Will Tear Us Apart Jian
1999 Victim Pit
2000 Okinawa Rendez-vous Law Wan-dat
2000 Jiang hu: The Triad Zone Jimmy Yam Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
2001 Treatment, TheThe Treatment Xu Datong
2002 Double Vision Huang Huo-tu Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
2002 Zhou Yu's Train Chen Qing
2002 Golden Chicken Professor Chan
2003 Good Times, Bed Times
2003 Men Suddenly in Black Ninth uncle Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
2003 The Spy Dad Jones Bon
2004 20 30 40 Zhang Shijie "Jerry"
2004 Sex and the Beauties Dick Yan
2004 PaPa Loves You Yam Mo-ying
2004 Fear of Intimacy Fai
2004 Throw Down Lee Kong
2004 Twins Effect II, TheThe Twins Effect II Master Blackwood
2004 Three... Extremes Lee
2004 Dumplings Mr. Li Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
2004 A-1 Headline Chief Editor Terrence Tsang Tat-si
2005 On the Mountain of Tai Hang
2005 Myth, TheThe Myth William
2005 Election Big D Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
2005 Everlasting Regret Mr. Cheng Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
2006 My Name Is Fame Himself
2007 Eye in the Sky Chan Chong-shan
2007 It's a Wonderful Life But Sau-kong (Stainless Steel)
2007 Lost in Beijing Lin Dong
2007 Drummer, TheThe Drummer Kwan
2008 Missing
2008 Iron Road Book Man
2009 I Corrupt All Cops Chief inspector Lak Chui
2009 Bodyguards and Assassins Chen Shaobai
2009 Founding of a Republic, TheThe Founding of a Republic CPPCC member
2010 Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame Shatuo Zhong Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
2010 Energy Behind the Heart
2010 Bruce Lee, My Brother Lee Hoi-chuen Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
2010 Kiss, His First
2011 I Love Hong Kong Ng Shun
2011 Cold Steel
2011 The Devil Inside Me Jiang Mu
2012 Cold War Waise M.B. Lee
2012 Tai Chi 0
2012 Tai Chi Hero
2013 Better and Better
2013 Tales from the Dark 1 Ho Ho [2]
2014 Golden Chicken 3 Professor Chan Cameo
2014 Beijing Love Story Liu Hui
2014 Horseplay Lee Tan, the Nine-Tailed Fox
2014 Rise of the Legend Wong Kei-ying Cameo
2014 The Taking of Tiger Mountain Hawk
2014 Who is Undercover
2015 Lost and Love Jiangxi traffic cop Cameo
2016 Lost in White
2016 Cold War 2 Waise Lee Post-production[3]
2016 League of Gods King Zhou of Shang Post-production


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