Mr. and Mrs. Gambler

Mr. and Mrs. Gambler

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Traditional 爛賭夫鬥爛賭妻
Simplified 烂赌夫斗烂赌妻
Mandarin Làn Dǔ Fū Dòu Làn Dǔ Qī
Cantonese Laan6 Dou2 Fu1 Dau3 Laan6 Dou2 Cai1
Directed by Wong Jing
Produced by Wong Jing
Written by Wong Jing
Starring Chapman To
Fiona Sit
Music by Tang Chi Wai
Ben Chong
Cinematography Edmond Fung
Edited by Lee Ka Wing
Jing's Movie Production
Distributed by Gala Films Distribution
Release dates
  • 16 February 2012 (2012-02-16)
Running time
110 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$5,827,572

Mr. and Mrs. Gambler is a 2012 Hong Kong romantic comedy film written, produced and directed by Wong Jing and starring Chapman To and Fiona Sit.


Manfred and Flora are compulsive gamblers who can gamble on anything 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They meet at a casino in Macau, where they both suffer heavy losses and are held hostage by loan sharks. During their hostage ordeal, they start to have passion for each other. When they meet in Hong Kong again, they finally fall in love and decided to get married. After they married, their luck turned, making great progress in both their career and relationship. They soon gave birth to their daughter. With assistance of a charming producer, Michelle, Manfred got the chance to take a leading role in a new movie. The Casino Boss, Sam, invited Flora to work for him to chase away the con men. In fact, Michelle and Sam are ex-lovers. Both of them are now attracted by Manfred and Flora’s unique characters and go for them in full strength. Manfred and Flora cannot resist the temptation and decided to get divorced. However, both of them would like to obtain their daughter’s custody rights.


Chapman To Manfred Shu
Suffers from ludomania
Film actor
Won a Best Actor award in Africa
Sister San's son
Flora Cheung's husband
Shu Siu Siu's father
Pursued by Michelle Siu
Competed with Flora Cheung of one week without gambling to win his daughter's custody
Later forfeited out
Father of three children
Acted in Peerless Grandmaster 2012
Fiona Sit Flora Cheung
Suffers from ludomania
Sam Wong's ex-assistant
Manfred Cheung's wife
Shu Siu Siu's mother
Pursued by Sam Wong
Competed with Manfred Shu of one week without gambling to win her daughter's custody
Canceled divorce later
Mother of three children
Law Kar-ying Shu Tak
Extra actor
Manfred and Shu Ching's father
Shu Siu Siu's grandfather
Mimi Chu Pauline Cheung Flora Cheung's mother
Shu Siu Siu's grandmother
Sheh Cheuk Wing Shu Siu Siu
Manfred Shu and Flora Cheung's daughter
Michelle Hu Michell Siu Film director
Sam Wong's ex-girlfriend
Invited Manfred Shu to be her film's lead actor
Pursues Manfred Shu
Flora Cheung's love rival
Philip Ng Sam Wong Casino owner
Diamond bachelor
Michelle Siu's ex-girlfriend
Recruited Flora Cheung to fight of swindlers
Pursues Flora Cheung
Manfred Shu's love rival
Wan Chiu Chiu Na Sing
Manfred Shu's friend
Manfred Shu's best man at his wedding
Shu Ching's boyfriend
Zuki Lee Shu Ching
Manfred Shu's younger sister
Chiu Na Sing's girlfriend
Accepted Sam Wong's HK$3 million bribe to betray Manfred Shu
King Kong Kam Nga Kwai
Debt collector
Elena Kong Judge
Ordered Manfred Shu and Flora Cheung to compete against each other for one week without gambling to win their daughter's custody
Bonnie Wong Sister San
Shu Taks' wife
Manfred and Shu Ching's mother
Suffers from alzheimer's disease
Benz Hui Cafe owner
Cooperates with Flora Cheung to open another cafe
Harriet Yeung Vulgarlina
Flora Cheung's friend
Maria Cordero Aunt Ten
Fortune teller
Offered fortune telling for Flora Cheung
Matt Chow Wong Ching Wai
International film director
Beaten up by Michelle Siu's henchmen
Yuen Cheung-yan Crazy guy
Victy Wong Kam's man
Lee Hung Kei Kam's man
Chan Ka Kai Fat Girl
Andrew Dasz Muscle Guy
Steven Dasz Waiter
Lee Kin Hing Casino Gambler
Michelle Wai (Cameo)
Wan Kwong (Cameo)
Bernard Chueng Duncan Assistant director
Fong Ho Yuen Cameraman
Shek Kit Wah Fat boy
Kevin Lui Best man
Ricky Lee Best man
Lai Tung Hong Best man

Theme song

Compulsive Gambling God (爛賭神君)


Due to the film's commercial success, director Wong Jing has decided to make a sequel, titled Mr. and Mrs Player (爛滾夫鬥爛滾妻) with Chapman To returning while the female lead will be Chrissie Chau.[1] The film is set for release on 12 September 2013.[2]


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