Hail the Judge

Hail the Judge
Directed by Wong Jing
Written by Wong Jing
Starring Stephen Chow
Cheung Man
Christy Chung
Ng Man Tat
Cinematography David Chung
Release dates
Running time
106 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Hail the Judge (Chinese: 九品芝麻官) is a 1994 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Wong Jing, starring Stephen Chow, Cheung Man, and Ng Man Tat.


Pao Lung Sing is Pao Ching’s corrupt descendant, who’s hated by the public for his money-digging ways. He has a change of heart when he sees rape victim Mrs. Chi Siu Ling being framed for mass murder of her family members by corrupt officials and legendary lawyer Fong Tong Kan. Pao has to suffer some personal hardships when he tries to expose them, and soon he finds himself on the run with his nephew Pao Yau Wai. They encounter all sorts of wacky characters, including Stone Mansion a circus performer and Yu Yin a classy prostitute. In the end the real perpetrator of the mass murder is cut in half with a guillotine and the corrupt officials are brought to justice including lawyer Fong.



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