Wong Jing filmography

This page contains the filmography of Wong Jing.


Year Title Chinese title Role Notes
1981 The Eagle's Killer 拜錯師父叩錯頭 Writer
Dreadnaught 勇者無懼 aka Dreadnought
Crazy Nuts 連環大鬥法 Writer
The Crazy Chase 何方神聖 Writer
Challenge of the Gamesters 千王鬥千霸 Mahjong Cheat Also director and writer
Treasure Hunters 龍虎小英雄 aka The Treasure Hunters
aka Master of Disaster
aka Brother Dragon Tiger
One Way Only 單程路 Writer for story
Notorious Eight 千門八將 Shed General Writer
Mahjong Heroes 打雀英雄傳 Writer
1982 Winner Takes All 賊王之王 Private Investigator Yeung Director and writer
Legend of a Fighter 霍元甲 Writer
The Fake Ghost Catchers 鬼畫符 Writer
Mercenaries from Hong Kong 獵魔者 Director and writer
1983 Shaolin Prince 少林傳人 aka Iron Fingers of Death
aka Death Mask of the Ninja
Hong Kong Playboys 花心大少 aka Hong Kong Playboy
Director and writer
Mad, Mad, 83 瘋狂83 aka Mad Mad 1997
Let's Make Laugh 表錯七日情 Security guard's manager
1984 New Tales of the Flying Fox 新飛狐外傳 Writer
Prince Charming 青蛙王子 Man in disco Director and writer
Wits of the Brats 南斗官三鬥北少爺 Mr. Blinker Also co-director with Lau Kar Wing and Alexander Fu
Also writer
Mr. Virgin 三十處男 Man in toilet
I Love Lolanto 我愛Lolanto Fat Lung Also director and writer
Double Trouble 大小不良 Pawn Broker
Three Stooges Go Undercover 癲鳳狂龍 Writer
1985 The Young Vagabond 少年蘇乞兒 Writer
The Flying Mr. B 鬼馬飛人 Liu Ben Also director and writer
Funny Face 醜小鴨
Fascinating Affairs 花心紅杏
Girl with the Diamond Slipper 摩登仙履奇緣 Fat Cat aka Modern Cinderella
Also director and writer
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars 夏日福星 Himself Cameo
1986 100 Ways to Murder Your Wife 殺妻二人組 Mr. Wang aka Killing Wives Softly
Also producer
Lucky Stars Go Places 最佳福星 Tiny aka My Lucky Stars Go Places
aka The Luckiest Stars
The Magic Crystal 魔翡翠 Pancho Also director and writer
The Ghost Snatchers 俾鬼捉 Chu Bong / Chu Hsi
The Seventh Curse 原振俠與衛斯理 Danny Wong Cameo
Also producer
The Innocent Interloper 流氓英雄 Black Jack Cameo
1987 Evil Cat 凶貓 Inspector Handsome Wu Also writer
Born to Gamble 爛賭英雄 Skinny Tsing Also director and writer
The Romancing Star 精裝追女仔 Tour guide Also director and writer
The Thirty Million Dollar Rush 橫財三千萬 Pimp Tak Cameo
A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂 Judge
Trouble Couples 開心勿語 Teacher
You're My Destiny 用愛捉伊人 Mr. Wong aka You Are My Destiny
Also writer
1988 The Romancing Star II 精裝追女仔之2 Simon Hand aka The Romancing Star 2
Also director and writer
Love Soldier of Fortune 愛的逃兵 Mr. Wong
The Crazy Companies 最佳損友 Himself Cameo
Also director and writer
Profiles of Pleasure 群鶯亂舞 Director Wong
Bet on Fire 火舞風雲 Man in white undies
Mr. Possessed 撞邪先生 Zhi's buddy Director and writer
How to Pick Girls Up! 求愛敢死隊 Xin Jiejing aka How to Pick Up Girls
Also director and writer
The Greatest Lover 公子多情 Expert Tung
Three Wishes 黑心鬼
The Dragon Family 龍之家族 Writer for story
King of Stanley Market 褲甲天下
The Crazy Companies II 最佳損友闖情關 aka Crazy Companies II
Director and writer
1989 Perfect Match 最佳男朋友 Security guard Producer and writer
Ghost Fever 鬼媾人 Wong Siu-Cheong Writer
Doubles Cause Troubles 神勇雙妹嘜 Councilor Wang Heng Xin Director and writer
Return of the Lucky Stars 福星闖江湖 Sgt. Wong Writer
Vampire Buster 捉鬼大師 Writer
Casino Raiders 至尊無上 Co-director with Jimmy Heung and writer
Forever Young 返老還童 Writer
The Iceman Cometh 急凍奇俠 Crane operator
Crocodile Hunter 專釣大鱷 Director, writer and producer
Ghost Busting 嘩鬼有限公司 Writer
God of Gamblers 賭神 Himself Cameo
Also director and writer
The Romancing Star III 精裝追女仔之3狼之一族 Dried Pork aka The Romancing Star 3
Also producer and writer
1990 The Fortune Code 富貴兵團 Writer
No Risk, No Gain 至尊計狀元才 Also producer and writer
My Neighbours Are Phantoms 嘩鬼住正隔籬 aka My Neighbours Are Phantoms!
Also producer and writer
Ghostly Vixen 天師捉姦 Producer and writer
A Moment of Romance 天若有情 Planning
Perfect Girls 靚足100分 Tsz's cousin Also director and writer
Kung Fu Vs. Acrobatic 摩登如來神掌 aka Kung Fu VS Acrobatic
aka Thunderbolt '91
The Big Score 絕橋智多星 Soft Also director and writer
1991 God of Gamblers II 賭俠 Director and writer
Tricky Brains 整蠱專家 Chi Also director and writer
The Last Blood 驚天12小時 aka Twelve Hours to Die
UK re-title: Hard Boiled 2
Money Maker 贏錢專家 Chu Cheung Fan Also director, writer and producer
Fight Back to School 逃學威龍 Producer
God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai 賭俠2之上海灘賭聖 Director and writer
Lee Rock 五億探長雷洛傳: 雷老虎 aka Lee Rock I
Also producer
Lee Rock II 五億探長雷洛傳II之父子情仇 aka Lee Rock 2
Also producer
Queen of Underworld 夜生活女王霞姐傳奇 aka Queen of Under World
aka Queen of the Underworld
Producer and writer
The Banquet 豪門夜宴 Writer
Dances with Dragon 與龍共舞 Director and writer
1992 Twin Dragons 雙龍會 Supernatural doctor Uncredited
Casino Tycoon 賭城大亨之新哥傳奇 Director, writer and producer
Truant Heroes 逃學英雄傳 Director and producer
Wizard's Curse 妖怪都市 Writer
Royal Tramp 鹿鼎記 Co-director with Ching Siu-tung and writer
Casino Tycoon II 賭城大亨II之至尊無敵 Director, writer and producer
Deadly Dream Woman 女黑俠黃鶯 aka Deadly Dream Women
She Starts the Fire 噴火女郎 writer, producer aka She Starts Fire
Also producer and writer
Royal Tramp II 鹿鼎記2神龍教 aka Royal Tramp 2
Co-director with Ching Siu-tung and writer
To Miss With Love 逃學外傳 Producer
Naked Killer 赤裸羔羊 Producer, writer and presenter
1993 Millionaire Cop 千面天王 Producer
Wonder Girlfriend 特異女朋友 Producer
Fight Back to School III 逃學威龍3之龍過雞年 Director and writer
City Hunter 城市獵人 Director and writer
Legend of the Liquid Sword 笑俠楚留香 Director and producer
Last Hero in China 黃飛鴻之鐵雞鬥蜈蚣 aka Deadly China Hero
aka Claws of Steel
aka Iron Rooster Vs. Centipede
Also director and writer
Flying Dagger 神經刀與飛天貓 Producer and writer
Raped by an Angel 香港奇案之強姦 aka Naked Killer 2
Holy Weapon 武俠七公主 Director
Future Cops 超級學校霸王 Director and writer
Boys are Easy 追男仔 Director, writer and producer
Kidnap of Wong Chak Fai 綁架黃七輝 Writer
Perfect Exchange 至尊三十六計之偷天換日 aka The Sting 2
aka The Sting II
Also director and writer
Ghost Lantern 人皮燈籠 Producer and writer
Kung Fu Cult Master 倚天屠龍記之魔教教主 USA DVD release: Kung Fu Master
Also director and writer
1994 Reckless Barrister 流根大狀 Producer
My Friend Roy 我友張來 Producer
Who's My Father ? 誰可相依 aka Who's My Father?
Also writer for story
The Underground Banker 香港奇案之吸血貴利王 Producer and presenter
The New Legend of Shaolin 洪熙官 Himself Cameo
Also director and writer
Hail the Judge 九品芝麻官 Director and writer
A Chinese Torture Chamber Story 滿清十大酷刑 Producer
Modern Romance 戀愛的天空 Co-director with Lee Lik-Chi, Lam Wai-Lun, and Andrew Lau, writer, producer and presenter
Return to a Better Tomorrow 新英雄本色 Director, writer and producer
Long and Winding Road 錦繡前程
To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui 新邊緣人 Producer and presenter
Sex and the Emperor 滿清禁宮奇案 Producer
Whatever You Want 珠光寶氣 Director and writer
God of Gamblers Returns 賭神2 Director and writer
1941 Hong Kong on Fire 香港淪陷 Presenter
1995 My Father Is a Hero 給爸爸的信 aka The Enforcer
aka My Father is Hero
Lover of the Last Empress 慈禧秘密生活 Producer
Dream Killer 野性的邂逅 Producer
Teenage Master 小飛俠 aka My Father Is a Hero 2
Tricky Business 整蠱王 Producer
Mean Street Story 廟街故事 Producer and writer
The Saint of Gamblers 賭聖2街頭賭聖 aka The Saint of the Gambler's
Director, writer and producer
High Risk 鼠胆龍威 aka Meltdown
Director, writer and producer
The Adventurers 大冒險家 aka The Great Adventurer
Executive producer
Sixty Million Dollar Man 百變星君 Producer and writer
Young Policemen In Love 新紮師兄追女仔 Producer
I'm Your Birthday Cake 不道德的禮物 Producer and presenter
1996 Blind Romance 偷偷愛你 Producer
Young and Dangerous 古惑仔之人在江湖 Producer and presenter
Forbidden City Cop 大內密探零零發 Producer
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star (Yun cai zhi li xing) 運財智叻星 Himself at horse track Cameo
Director, writer and producer
Sexy and Dangerous 古惑女之決戰江湖 Producer
Sex and Zen II 玉蒲團II玉女心經 aka Sex and Zen 2
Satan Returns 666 魔鬼復活 US DVD Title: Shaolin vs. The Devil's Omen
aka Devil 666
aka Satan's Return
Also writer and presenter
Ebola Syndrome 伊波拉病毒 Producer
War of the Under World 洪興仔之江湖大風暴 aka Young and Magnificent
aka War of the Underground
aka War of the Underworld
Also producer and writer
Bodyguards of Last Governor 港督最後一個保鑣 Writer and presenter
Till Death Do Us Laugh 怪談協會 Producer
1997 God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage 賭神3之少年賭神 Director, writer and producer
24 Hrs Ghost Story 猛鬼通宵陪住你 aka 24 Hours Ghost Story
We're No Bad Guys 愛上百份百英雄 aka We Are No Bad Guys
Director and writer
Haunted Karaoke 猛鬼卡拉OK Executive producer
1998 The Lucky Guy 行運一條龍 Fatty Cameo
Young and Dangerous 5 98 古惑仔之龍爭虎鬥 aka Young and Dangerous V
Portland Street Blues 古惑仔情義篇之洪興十三妹 Presenter
Step Into the Dark 夜半無人屍語時 Co-director with Dick Cho, writer and producer
Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan 強姦2制服誘惑 Producer and presenter
Sex and Zen III 玉蒲團III官人我要 Producer
Her Name is Cat 豹妹 aka The Huntress
Producer and writer
The Love and Sex of the Eastern Hollywood 愛在娛樂圈的日子 Producer
Young and Dangerous: The Prequel 新古惑仔之少年激鬥篇 Executive producer
A True Mob Story 龍在江湖 Director, writer and producer
Raped by An Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive 強姦3OL誘惑 Producer and presenter
Love Generation Hong Kong 新戀愛世紀 Director, writer, producer and presenter
Cheap Killers 愈墮落愈英雄 Producer, writer and presenter
The Demon's Baby 猛鬼食人胎 Producer
Tricky King 超級整蠱霸王 Producer and presenter
A Chinese Torture Chamber Story II 滿清十大酷刑之赤裸凌遲 Producer
Your Place or Mine! 每天愛您8小時 Producer and presenter
Mr. Wai-go 偉哥的故事 aka Mr. Viagra
Producer, writer and presenter
The Conman 賭俠1999 Squirrel Director, writer and producer
Haunted Mansion 香港第1兇宅 Producer
1999 Raped By An Angel 4: The Rapist's Union 強姦終極篇之最後羔羊 Director, producer and writer
The H.K. Triad O 記三合會檔案 aka The Hong Kong Triad
Producer and writer
Prince Charming 黑馬王子 Director, writer, producer and presenter
Horoscope 1: The Voice from Hell 生人勿近之問米 Producer and presenter
Erotic Nightmare 勾魂惡夢 Producer and presenter
Body Weapon 原始武器 Producer
Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood 電影鴨 Producer
The Conmen in Vegas 賭俠大戰拉斯維加斯 Handsome Wu Also director, producer and writer
The Tricky Master 千王之王2000 Ferrari Also director, producer and writer
Century of the Dragon 龍在邊緣 aka Gods, Gangsters and Gamblers
Producer, writer and presenter
2000 Crying Heart 笨小孩 Director, producer and writer
Fist Power 生死拳速 Producer
My Name is Nobody 賭聖3無名小子 Uncle Lo Also producer and writer
The Duel 決戰紫禁之巔 Producer and writer
Sausalito 一見鍾情 aka Love at First Sight
Don't Look Back... Or You'll Be Sorry!! 唔該借歪!! Producer and presenter
Conman in Tokyo 中華賭俠 Producer and presenter
Healing Hearts 俠骨仁心 Presenter
2001 Martial Angels 絕色神偷 Fred
Everyday is Valentine 情迷大話王 Director, writer and producer
Cop Shop Babes 靚女差館 Dr. Auyeung
My School Mate, the Barbarian 我的野蠻同學 Co-director with Billy Chung, producer and writer
A Gambler's Story 一個爛賭的傳說 Producer
Love Me, Love My Money 有情飲水飽 Director, writer and producer
Shadow 幽靈情書 Producer
The Avenging Fist 拳神 Producer
2002 The Wesley's Mysterious File 衛斯理藍血人 Dr. Kwok Cameo
Also producer and writer
The Irresistible Piggies 豬扒大聯盟 Producer and writer
Conman 2002 賭俠2002 aka The Conman 2002
Naked Weapon 赤裸特工 Producer and writer
The New Option 飛虎雄師 Presenter
The New Option - Run and Shoot 飛虎雄師之中環茶室兇殺案 U.S. Title: The New Option - Kill in Central Restaurant
2003 Sex and the Central 色慾中環 Presenter
Raped by an Angel 5 強姦5之廣告誘惑 Presenter
2003 Chik Lo Tin Sai 2003 赤裸天使 China Mainland release of 1995 film Angel Heart
The New Option - Puppet Hon 飛虎雄師之邊緣人 U.S. Title: The New Option - Undercover
The New Option - Saviour 飛虎雄師之救世者 Presenter
The New Option - The Syndicate 飛虎雄師之再戰江湖 U.S. Title: The New Option: Back to Battle
The New Option - The Campaign 飛虎雄師之槍王行動 Presenter
The New Option - Confrontation 飛虎雄師之點指兵兵 aka The New Option - Sniper
The New Option - The Revenge 飛虎雄師之復仇 U.S. Title: The New Option - Assassin
The New Option - Gold Rush 飛虎雄師之劫金風暴 aka The New Option - Assault Team
The New Option - The Final Showdown 飛虎雄師之英雄本色 U.S. Title: The New Option - Point of No Return
Cat and Mouse 老鼠愛上貓 Presenter
Honesty 絕種好男人 Passenger on MRT platform Director, writer and producer
Kung Fu Master is My Grandma! 我的婆婆黃飛鴻 Producer
Colour of the Truth 黑白森林 Co-director with Marco Mak, writer and producer
The Spy Dad 絕種鐵金剛 Director, writer and producer
2004 Sex and the Beauties 性感都市 Director, writer and producer
Moving Targets 2004 新紮師兄 Director, writer and producer
Love is a Many Stupid Thing 精裝追女仔2004 Ray's uncle Also o-director with Go Sin-Ming, writer and producer
2005 Slim till Dead 瘦身 William Hung Also producer and writer
Colour of the Loyalty 黑白戰場 Co-director with Billy Chung, writer and producer
Set Up 凶男寡女 Also producer and writer
Kung Fu Mahjong 雀聖 "Tin Kau Ko" Also c-director with Billy Chung, writer and producer
Kung Fu Mahjong 2 雀聖2自摸天后 Tin Kau Ko Also director
2006 My Kung-Fu Sweetheart 野蠻秘笈 Itchiban Also director, writer and producer
Don't Open Your Eyes 鬼眼刑警 Presenter
Dating a Vampire 愛上屍新娘 Writer
Wo Hu 臥虎 aka Operation Undercover
aka Undercover Tiger
Producer, writer and presenter
Wise Guys Never Die 提防老千 Teddy Chan Also director, writer and producer
2007 Kung Fu Mahjong 3 - The Final Duel 雀聖3自摸三百番 Producer, writer and presenter
The Lady Iron Chef 美女食神 Souza Producer and writer
Bullet and Brain 神槍手與智多星 Producer, writer and presenter
Beauty and the 7 Beasts 七擒七縱七色狼 Producer and presenter
2008 Hong Kong Bronx 黑勢力 Producer
My Wife is a Gambling Maestro 我老婆係賭聖 Director and producer
The Vampire Who Admires Me 有隻僵屍暗戀你 aka My Secret Admirer is a Vampire
aka King Zombie
Producer and writer
The Underdog Knight 硬漢 aka Ying Han
Producer and presenter
2009 I Corrupt All Cops 金錢帝國 Director, writer, producer and presenter
Night and Fog 天水圍的夜與霧 Presenter
On His Majesty's Secret Service 大內密探靈靈狗 Director, writer, producer and presenter
To Live and Die in Mongkok 旺角監獄 Co-director with Billy Chung, writer, producer and presenter
Huo Xing Bao Bei 火星沒事 aka Mars is OK
2010 Black Ransom 撕票風雲 aka Colour of Justice
aka Mutant Cops
Co-director with Venus Keung, writer and producer
Beauty on Duty 美麗密令 aka Love Undercover 4
Future X-Cops 未來警察 Director and writer
2011 Men Suddenly in Love 猛男滾死隊 Director, writer and producer
Treasure Inn 財神客棧 Co-director with Corey Yuen and writer
Treasure Hunt 無價之寶 Director and writer
Hong Kong Ghost Stories 猛鬼愛情故事 Co-director with Patrick Kong and producer
2012 Marry a Perfect Man 嫁個100分男人 Director
Mr. and Mrs. Gambler 爛賭夫鬥爛賭妻 Director
Naked Soldier 絕色武器 Producer and writer
The Last Tycoon 大上海 Director and writer
2013 Young and Dangerous: Reloaded 古惑仔:江湖新秩序 Producer
Princess and the Seven Kung Fu Masters 笑功震武林 Director, producer and writer
A Secret Between Us 第一次不是你 producer
A Chilling Cosplay 制服 Producer and presenter
2014 From Vegas to Macau 賭城風雲 Director and writer
Naked Ambition 2 3D豪情 Himself Cameo
2015 From Vegas to Macau II[1] 賭城風雲Ⅱ Director
Lost in Hong Kong 港囧 Himself Cameo
2016 From Vegas to Macau III 賭城風雲III Co-director with Andrew Lau
Mission Milano[2][3] 王牌逗王牌

Television series

Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1979 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 網中人 Writer
1980 The Shell Game 千王之王 Writer
1981 The Misadventure of Zoo 流氓皇帝 Writer
2000 The Duke of Mount Deer 2000 小寶與康熙 Director and producer
Showbiz Tycoon 影城大亨 Director
2001 The New Adventures of Chor Lau-heung 新楚留香 Director
2005 The Proud Twins 小魚兒與花無缺 Director and writer
Central Affairs 情陷夜中環 Producer
The Royal Swordsmen 天下第一 Writer
2006 Eight Heroes 八大豪侠 Director and writer
Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain 雪山飛狐 Producer
Phoenix from the Ashes 浴火鳳凰 Co-director with Chung Siu Hung and producer
2007 Project A A計劃 Tang Lang Also main director
Bao Yu Li Hua 暴雨梨花 Director and writer
2008 Shi Da Qi Yuan 十大奇冤 Director and producer
2015 Master of Destiny 風雲天地 Producer, director and writer


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