Legend of the Liquid Sword

This article is about the film directed by Wong Jing. For the album by GZA, see Legend of the Liquid Sword (album).
Legend of the Liquid Sword

DVD cover art
Traditional 笑俠楚留香
Simplified 笑侠楚留香
Mandarin Xiào Xiá Chǔ Liú Xiāng
Cantonese Siu3 Haap6 Cho2 Lau4 Hoeng1
Directed by Wong Jing
Yeung Wai-yip
Produced by Wong Jing
Screenplay by Wong Jing
Lam Wai-lun
Story by Gu Long
Starring Aaron Kwok
Chingmy Yau
Sharla Cheung
Gloria Yip
Deric Wan
Wong Wan-si
Anita Yuen
Winnie Lau
Lau Tsi-wai
Fennie Yuen
Loretta Lee
Norman Chu
Gordon Liu
Music by James Wong
Mark Lui
Cinematography Ko Chiu-lam
Yim Wai-kwan
Edited by Robert Choi
Era International (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Wong Jing's Workshop Ltd.
Distributed by Newport Entertainment Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Release dates
  • 11 March 1993 (1993-03-11)
Running time
86 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$3,453,404.00[1]

Legend of the Liquid Sword is a 1993 Hong Kong wuxia comedy film loosely based on Gu Long's Chu Liuxiang novel series. The film was written and directed by Wong Jing and stars Aaron Kwok as the titular protagonist.


The young Chor Lau-heung learns martial arts from Tuk-ku Kau-pai and has attained a high level of skill. His teacher sends him to Shaolin Monastery to attend a contest that is held once every ten years. On the journey, Chor meets Wu Tit-fa and Chung-yuen Yat-dim-hung. When Chor arrives at Shaolin, he fights with a Shaolin student called Mo-fa but neither of them is able to defeat each other. They decide to have a match again on another day. One night, Chor meets Mo-fa and strike up a conversation with her. Both of them decide to enter the palace in search of adventure. They disturb the prince on his wedding night but are accidentally caught in a trap and only manage to escape with the help of Chor's friends.

Meanwhile, Bat Prince breaks into Shaolin and kills Mo-fa's teacher, Tuk-ku Kau-pai and the Demonic Cult's leader. Bat Prince is actually the son of a Japanese ninja called Tin-fung Sap-say-long, and he wants to avenge his father. 17 years ago, his father came to challenge the three best fighters in China, but was defeated and committed suicide in shame. Bat Prince is not satisfied even after his victory and wants to dominate the Chinese martial arts world. Chor is injured by Bat Prince in a fight and loses his powers. Mo-fa brings him to the Holy Water Palace for treatment. Sui-mo Yam-kei heals Chor's wounds and teaches him new skills. Chor faces the Bat Prince in an epic battle.



Mei Ah Entertainment released a dual-subtitle DVD that they have since taken out of print. Xenon Pictures handled the U.S. release, imposing many cuts, including replacing the entire opening sequence with a card reading simply "Liquid Sword." The original burned-in subtitles are used.


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