Too Many Ways to Be No. 1

Too Many Ways to Be No.1

Theatrical poster
Directed by Wai Ka-Fai
Produced by Johnnie To
Written by Wai Ka-fai, Szeto Kam-Yuen, Matt Chow
Starring Lau Ching Wan
Carman Lee
Francis Ng
Cheung Tat-ming
Matt Chow
Elvis Tsui
Cheng Cho
Ruby Wong
Soong Pounh Chong
Music by Wong Ka Sin
Cinematography Wong Wing Hang
Edited by Wong Wing Ming
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release dates
Running time
90 min
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Too Many Ways to Be No.1 (Chinese: 一個字頭的誕生) is a 1997 gangster drama directed by Wai Ka Fai, starring Lau Ching Wan, Carman Lee, Francis Ng, Cheung Tat Ming, Matt Chow, Elvis Tsui, Cheng Cho and Ruby Wong. Made in 1997, this is the first formal film produced by Milkyway Image [1]


One day, A Gau, a poor gangster in Hong Kong, is going to make a life-changing decision. Bo invites Gau to join him in smuggling valuable cars back to China. What Gau doesn't know is that, accepting the offer will lead him to the journey of endless misfortune and death in China. But on the other hand, if he leaves the gang before they start their action, he will step on another journey of fighting for dignity and honour in Taiwan. To a person who have no clue over his future, which way will he walks on? What lies in front of him?



Too Many Ways to Be No.1 is nominated for the "Best Screenplay' award in the 17th Hong Kong Film Awards. It is also included in the 'Films of Merit' list made by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award.


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