Sony Lissa

Lissa was a range of HiFi components by Sony, based on the i.Link S200 interconnect standard and styled in a novel, minimalist design. It was introduced in 2000. It was not a commercial success and no other products were ever introduced in this series afterwards.

Although the receiver had some analogue inputs, the components required just a digital i.Link connection to hook up. The other components only featured a power cord and two i.Link ports on the rear panel.

The MiniDisc recorder/player & CD player implement the 1394TA specifications:

These devices can be controlled by either the STR-LSA1 receiver, or through a computer (Windows or Mac) using standard AV/C commands. The MiniDisc deck appears to be the most complete implementation of the Disc Subunit specification in consumer equipment.


Only three components and one set of speakers were ever introduced:

for the latest, the speakers were a 2.1 system

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