Rocco Lampone

Rocco Lampone

Rocco Lampone portrayed by Tom Rosqui; pictured moments before killing Hyman Roth
First appearance The Godfather
Last appearance Godfather II
Created by Mario Puzo
Portrayed by Tom Rosqui
Gender Male
Occupation Gangster, caporegime, acting consigliere

Rocco Lampone is a fictional character appearing in Mario Puzo's novel The Godfather and its film adaptation, as well as the sequel, The Godfather Part II. He was portrayed in the films by actor Tom Rosqui.[1]

Fictional character biography

In the films

Lampone is an associate of Peter Clemenza. When Clemenza is assigned to kill the treacherous Paulie Gatto in The Godfather, he decides to give Lampone a chance to "make his bones." Clemenza and Lampone drive Gatto to a remote spot near New York City, making him think they're scouting out places to live in case Sonny orders them to "go to the mattresses." When Clemenza says he needs to urinate and gets out of the car after Paulie has pulled it over, Lampone kills Gatto with three bullets to the head.

Lampone rises quickly in the Corleone family. After Michael Corleone takes over the family, he makes Lampone a caporegime. In the book, Michael puts together a secret regime for Lampone, on the advice of Vito Corleone; however this is eventually discovered by Tom Hagen. (In the original film version, Hagen (as well as the audience) learn about this in The Godfather Part II. In the Saga re-edit, Hagan discloses he already noticed Lampone's regime at the end of the expanded office scene where Vito turns over the power of the Family to Michael. Later in the film, Lampone and an unnamed associate kill Philip Tattaglia in his bed, and his men play a role in the wave of murders that cements Michael's power.

He subsequently moves to Nevada with the family and arranges security for the Lake Tahoe compound, but is unable to prevent the failed attempt on Michael's life by two mobsters hired by Michael's rival Hyman Roth. When the time comes to take revenge on Roth, Rocco opines that assassinating him would be "difficult, not impossible", and is personally entrusted with the hit. Disguised as a reporter, Rocco successfully approaches Roth at Miami International Airport and shoots him, but despite the ensuing panic and confusion, he is in turn shot and killed by FBI agents while fleeing the scene.

In other media

Rocco appears in Mark Winegardner's sequel novel The Godfather Returns. However, there is a slight discrepancy in the novel, as it states that Lampone is missing a kneecap (as a result of his participation in the North Africa campaign during World War II) and has been using a cane since. This is not directly seen nor mentioned in any of the movies or the original novel. Though Lampone does have a limp in both films, no background is given as to why.

He is briefly mentioned in the next novel in the series, The Godfather's Revenge as the antagonist, Nick Geraci, ponders the fates of many of Michael Corleone's associates.

In the original novel by Mario Puzo, it is revealed that Rocco was used by Clemenza as his point-man in black-market activities at a garment center and with government employees controlling OPA food stamps.

In The Godfather: The Game, he plants the horse head in Jack Woltz's bed while protected by the game's protagonist, Aldo Trapani. The protagonist takes on Lampone's role in the killing of Gatto. Rocco's character is voiced by Michael Dobson.[2]


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