Albert Volpe

Albert Volpe

Carmine Caridi portraying Albert Volpe
First appearance The Godfather Part III
Last appearance The Godfather Part III
Created by Mario Puzo
Portrayed by Carmine Caridi
Nickname(s) The Fox
Gender Male
Title Boss
Family Chicago Outfit

Albert Volpe is a fictional character appearing in The Godfather Part III. He is portrayed by Carmine Caridi. Volpe is the boss of the Chicago Outfit in the 1970s.[1]

The Godfather Part III

Albert Volpe is one of the dons on the Commission following the end of the old regime. He was known to be a man with an eye for big business, and was one of many who attempted to gain a fortune by investing in Michael Corleone's casinos, which, once sold, made him a multi-millionaire.

However, Volpe's success was short-lived, for, at a Commission meeting in Atlantic City, Volpe and most of his fellow dons were wiped out by Joey Zasa's assassins. Volpe could have survived the attack, but was too concerned about retrieving his lucky coat, and was mowed down in a hail of bullets.


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