Don Altobello

Osvaldo Altobello

Eli Wallach portraying Don Altobello
First appearance The Godfather Part III
Last appearance The Godfather's Revenge
Created by Mario Puzo
Portrayed by Eli Wallach
Nickname(s) Ozzie
Gender Male
Occupation Mobster
Title Boss
Family Tattaglia
Spouse(s) Unnamed wife
Children Various daughters
Relatives One nephew known

Osvaldo "Ozzie" Altobello is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the film The Godfather Part III. In the film, he is portrayed by Eli Wallach.[1][2]


Frank Sinatra biographer Tom Santopietro notes that Francis Ford Coppola approached Frank Sinatra to play Altobello, and that he was considering accepting the role, but wasn't keen on the heavy shooting schedule and was talked out of it by his wife Barbara.[3]


The Godfather Part III

Altobello is an aging gangster and longstanding ally of the Corleone crime family. He was the consigliere of Rico Tattaglia from 1955 to 1961, and becomes the don of the Tattaglia crime family in 1962. By the time of Godfather III, he has become a close friend and ally of Michael Corleone. Altobello even donates one million dollars to be a part of the Vito Corleone Foundation. Aside from being Michael's associate, Altobello is also Connie Corleone's godfather.

Altobello wants in on Michael's investments as he attempts to complete his family's move from crime-based profits to legitimate business. Altobello skillfully hides his nefarious intentions, but Michael grows suspicious after Joey Zasa, a Corleone Family rival, orchestrates an assassination attempt on Michael and other family heads assembled for a Commission meeting in Atlantic City. Altobello had left the conference room just prior to the attack. Michael escapes unharmed, but many others are killed. Michael instructs his nephew Vincent Corleone to approach Altobello pretending to pledge his allegiance to him, without promising to betray Michael.

While in Sicily, Altobello enlists an assassin named Mosca to kill Michael. He plans the attack for when Michael's son, Anthony is performing in Cavalleria Rusticana at Teatro Massimo opera house. Before the performance, Connie presents Altobello a box of cannoli as a birthday gift. He suspects the cannoli may be poisoned and offers Connie the first bite. Connie takes a small bite of the cannoli, reassuring him. He finishes eating the poisoned cannoli and dies in his seat as Connie watches through her opera glasses.

Sequel novels

Altobello is a supporting character in the novels The Godfather Returns and The Godfather's Revenge, set before the events of The Godfather Part III.


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