Carmine Marino

Carmine Marino is a fictional character who plays a prominent role in the novel The Godfather Returns and in its sequel.

Character history

Marino came into America in 1956 to be a hostage held by Donnie Bags, Eddie Paradise, and Momo Barone. He plays cards with them in a building being supervised by caporegime Rocco Lampone. He immediately bonds with his captors, and is "made" into their crime family shortly thereafter.

He is trained by Nick Geraci for several years in the swamps of New Jersey, supervised by the Stracci family. His target was the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, whom president James Shea personally wants dead. He leaves for Cuba in the summer of 1961, and stays there for another year to become familiar with the place.

In June 1962, female assassins provide him with supplies he needs to kill Castro. He goes up in a tower and fires on Castro from his motorcade, killing him. It turns out, however, that the "Castro" Marino shot was a body double.

Marino disguises himself a woman to escape Cuba, but Cuban authorities capture him before he can escape. They torture him, but he refuses to say who had hired him. Finally in 1963, the CIA kills Marino to keep him from revealing information. The hit is organized by CIA agent Joe Lucadello.

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