Carmine Rosato

Carmine Rosato

Carmine Caridi portraying Carmine Rosato
First appearance The Godfather II
Last appearance The Godfather II
Created by Mario Puzo
Portrayed by Carmine Caridi
Gender Male
Title Caporegime
Family Corleone
Rosato Family
Carmine Rosato Family

Carmine Rosato is a fictional character in the film The Godfather Part II, as well as its video game adaptation. He is known as one of the Rosato Brothers, along with his brother Tony. Carmine works in Pete Clemenza's regime after Michael Corleone moves to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He is also known to have ties with Hyman Roth in Miami, Florida. In the film, he is portrayed by Carmine Caridi.[1]

Carmine joins Pete Clemenza's regime in 1934 along with his brother Tony. Carmine and Tony are loyal to Clemenza, and are promised three territories in the Bronx. In 1957, Clemenza dies of a heart attack. Clemenza's successor, Frank Pentangeli takes over as the Don of New York City for the Corleone Family. Pentangeli thinks that the Rosatos are running their businesses like "a disgrace", and so refuses to give them the promised territories. Pentangeli also blames Carmine and Tony for Clemenza's death due to their greed over the territories. The Rosatos then split from the Corleones and begin to form their own crime syndicate.


The Godfather Part II (film)

Carmine Rosato and Tony split the family into two families in 1958 when Tony joins the Miami Organization and Carmine stays back in New York to run the Rosato Family there. Carmine begins to stir up trouble in Pentangeli's neighborhood. Pentangeli goes to Michael to ask for permission to kill Carmine in New York, but Michael refuses, fearing that such an action would threaten his business partnership with Roth, and tells Pentangeli to make a truce with the Rosatos.

To that end, Pentangeli goes to Richie's Tavern to make a truce with Carmine. It is a trap, however; Tony appears from behind Pentangeli and garrotes him. During the attempt, a policeman enters the bar and sees Pentangeli's body lying on the floor. Carmine takes out his gun and shoves the policeman into the ground while Tony and the Rosato guards run after Carmine. The Rosatos escape the shootout and Carmine starts a war between himself and the Corleones.

Godfather Part II (video game)

In the video game adaptation of the film, the main character, Dominic Corleone, begins to take over the Rosatos' territories. Two of Carmine Rosato's enforcers die during the attacks on Carmine's businesses. Dominic kills Carmine's enforcers, Jimmy Guidalatto and Clyde Lando, while reinforcing to take Carmine's businesses. When Dominic stops Carmine's soldiers from taking back one of the businesses, he kills Carmine's caporegime Franklin Credi. Dominic also escapes the shootout.

Later on, Dominic and his men break into Carmine Rosato's compound to end the war and to eliminate Carmine and his half of the family. As soon as all of the soldiers and guards are killed, Dominic gets in a fist fight with Carmine's underboss Norman Rossi, killing him in the hallway leading to Carmine Rosato's office on the second floor of his compound. Dominic finds a .44 Magnum in the hallway and enters the office to confront Carmine. Dominic and Carmine get into a bloody fist fight and Dominic shoots and kills Carmine in the head. Dominic and his men then blow up Carmine's compound.


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