Anthony Stracci

Anthony Stracci
First appearance The Godfather
Created by Mario Puzo
Nickname(s) Black Tony
Gender Male
Occupation Mafia boss
Title Don

Don Anthony "Black Tony" Stracci is a fictional character who first appeared in Mario Puzo's novel The Godfather.

One of the dons of New York's Five Families, Stracci embraced the scheme of Don Emilio Barzini to unite against the Corleone family and force them into the heroin trade. He is present at the sit-down where the "Commission" of La Cosa Nostra families convince Don Vito Corleone to accept drug trafficking in his territory and guarantee peace.

In the The Godfather film, Stracci is named "Victor". On the day Michael Corleone "settles all family business", Stracci is assassinated by Corleone family caporegime Peter Clemenza; as Stracci and his associates take an elevator ride in a hotel, Clemenza guns them down. The actor who portrayed him was not credited.

In the novel, Don Stracci is not killed. He later appears in Mark Winegardner's sequel novel The Godfather Returns.

In The Godfather: The Game, the player (as protagonist Aldo Trapani) walks into the St. Albans Hotel, but it is said that Don Stracci thinks it is a peace agreement. The player then proceeds to escort Stracci to an elevator, staying with him until they reach the first floor, where Clemenza opens fire with his shotgun.

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