Razkari Party

Razkari Party
حزب رزكاري
Leader Mahmoud Khodor
Founder Faissal Fakhro
Founded 1975
Ideology Kurdish nationalism
Parliament of Lebanon
0 / 128
Cabinet of Lebanon
0 / 30

The Razkari Party or Riz Kari (Arabic: حزب رزكاري, English: Liberation Party) is a Kurdish political group based in Lebanon that was established in 1975 by Faissal Fakhro.

Riz Kari supported the Kurdish forces fighting against the Iraqi regime. For a brief period during the 1975 Civil War, however, Riz Kari joined forces with the Kurdish Democratic Party to form the Progressive Kurdish Front in an effort to eliminate differences in the ranks of Lebanese Kurds.

Riz Kari was weakened in the mid-1970s by the defection of part of its organization, which called itself the Leftist Riz Kari, or Riz Kari II.

This organization is led by Mahmoud Khodr Fattah Ahmad,[1] a staunch ally of Syria. They rejected the formation of the Progressive Kurdish Front because it included the "right-wing" leadership of Jamil Meho. The party is allied with Hizbullah.


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