Kurdistan Democratic Party (Iran)

Not to be confused with Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.
Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK-I)
Partya Dêmokirata Kurdistanê
Abbreviation KDP-IRAN
Leader Khalid Azizi
Founded 2006
Split from Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Ideology Kurdish nationalism
Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Political position Centre-left
International affiliation Socialist International

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (Kurdish: Partî Dêmokratî Kurdistanî Êran), or KDP-Iran, is a Kurdish political party in Iranian Kurdistan which seeks the attainment of Kurdish national rights within a democratic federal republic of Iran.

The party split in 2006 from the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan. The party was accepted a full member of the Socialist International at its November 2015 Council meeting in Luanda, Angola.[1]




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