Communist Party of Kurdistan

Not to be confused with Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan.
Flag of the KKP

Communist Party of Kurdistan (Kurdish: Partiya Komunistê Kurdistan, KKP, not to be confused with the Kurdistan Workers' Party; Turkish: Kürdistan İşçi Partisi, PKK) is a political party in Turkey. The KKP was founded in 1982, as the Kurdish section of the Communist Labour Party of Turkey (TKEP). Prior to 1982, TKEP had a 'Kurdistan Autonomous Organization' (Kürdistan Özerk Örgütü, KÖÖ) from 1980 onwards. In 1990 KKP became an independent party. KKP is led by Mehmet Baran. According to its program the Party struggles to establish a Socialist Popular Republic of Kurdistan.[1] KKP members such as Sinan Çiftyürek have been among the founders of the Freedom and Socialism Party founded in 2011. The main publication of KKP is Dengê Kurdistan.

KKP has a committee in Germany.



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