Kurdistan Democratic Party/North

Kurdistan Democratic Party/North
Partiya Demokrat a Kurdistan/Bakur
Abbreviation KDP–Bakur
Founded September 1992 (September 1992)
Headquarters Qandil Mountains
Ideology Kurdish nationalism,
Slogan Rebaz a Barzani
("On Barzani's path")[1]

Kurdistan Democratic Party/North or Turkiye Kurdistan Demokrat Partisi (TKDP), or Partiya Demokrata Kurdistana Turkiye (PDK-T) (Turkish: Kürdistan Demokrat Partisi/Kuzey; Kurdish: Partiya Demokrat a Kurdistan/Bakur), abbreviated KDP/Bakur or PDK/Bakur, is an illegal political party active in Turkey. The aim of the party is to create an independent state for Kurdish people. Unlike PKK/KONGRA-GEL and Kürdistan Devrim Partisi, two other illegal organisation with similar aims, PDK/Bakur does not follow Socialist principles and has a moderate agenda.


PDK/Bakur was founded in September 1992 by the merger of Ala Rızgari Birlik Platformu, Ulusal Birlik Platformu (Bergeh), some groups that had separated from Rızgari and some independents through a Congress of Union. Its original name was Hevgırtın-PDK. The party was the successor of Türkiye Kürdistanı Demokrat Partisi (Democratic Party of Turkish Kurdistan)

In the Second Congress convened in November 1994 the party changed its name to PDK/Bakur taking into consideration the geographical scope of its activities[2] suggesting that southeastern Turkey is northern Kurdistan.

In 2013, at its 10th convention, the party decided it would seek legalization as soon as it becomes legal to use the words "Kurdish" or "Kurdistan" in the name of a party.[1]


According to its program PDK/Bakur is a "national salvation" party. It has a national democratic character and therefore is open to different views. All points of view that are not fascist, racist, against equality of men and women, brotherhood of peoples and peace can be advanced within the party. Aspiring to become a secular political party open to leftists, liberals and conservatives alike, it is however influenced by the rather conservative profile of Massoud Barzani's Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party.[1]

The party refuses the separation of Kurdish nation between different nation-states and renders illegitimate all international arrangements that support this status quo. It states that it aims to create a parliamentary democracy in the part of Kurdistan that lies within Republic of Turkey, make Kurdish people enjoy all rights bestowed on them by international law and create the conditions for a self-determination.[2]

Designation as a Terrorist Organisation

According to the Counter-Terrorism and Operations Department of Directorate General for Security (Turkish police) it is one of the 12 active terrorist organisations in Turkey and one of the three Kurdish separatist organisations. The list refers to the organisation as Kürdistan Demokrat Partisi/Bakur.[3]


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